Saturday, May 28, 2022


I had to abruptly change my article this week, because what I’m about to share with you just couldn’t wait.

In the run up, the selfish part of me had me questioning whether I really wanted to do this. I’ve had such resounding success using the exercise below, I wasn’t sure I was ready to give it away. But the more rational part of me reminded me that success is not limited; and other people doing well does not negatively impact me in any way. So here goes.

This process was devised by self-help authors, Esther and Jerry Hicks; and was inspired by the fact that in today’s world, many of us have become ‘human doings’ rather than ‘human beings.’ We routinely devise ‘to do’ lists that are so long, we couldn’t possibly accomplish everything that’s on them.

Most days, I come up with a litany of goals that just downright overwhelms me. It’s clear to me even as I write them down that ten people couldn’t achieve those same goals in ten days, let alone me in one. Yet I still do it; like most people, I’m driven to succeed.

This process turned around my life. It’s become so much easier; and so much more fun! It’s also provided me with the clearest example yet of just how powerful the law of attraction really is. I’ve been using it every day to great benefit; and I hope you’ll do the same.

Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. At the top of one column, write ‘list of things for me to do;’ and at the top of the second column, write, ‘list of things for the universe to do.’

On your side of the list, choose a maximum of four things that you absolutely have to do that day (not things you think it would be nice to get done within the next few weeks). Put all the rest in the second column, under ‘list of things for the universe to do.’ Make the second list as long as you like.

For that day, work only on those four things under your column; ignore the rest.

When I first did this, I had an anxiety attack. I thought, “There are urgent matters that need to be dealt with and if I sit around waiting for a miracle, it’s going to invite disaster into my life…”

But a miracle is exactly what I got.

Consider what happened to me last week during a visit to Portugal, where I was slated to give a presentation on ‘Positive Peace.’ To say that I was unprepared for that presentation would be a gross understatement. In the days and weeks preceding it, I spent a lot of time ruminating over how awful it would be yet somehow, could not bring myself to take any action to remedy that. It went beyond procrastination, it was suicidal.

After arriving in Lisbon, I had one day to prepare my talk. By the time I sat down at my hotel desk, I realized that my computer plug didn’t fit in any of the sockets, so I went on a mad, exhausting hunt for an adapter for a Southern African plug.

After failing to find it in several different stores, I severely chastised myself for being so disorganised. Then I remembered this exercise. There, in the back of my taxi, I mentally delegated the resolution of my problem to the universe. Although I was a little nervous, frankly, I didn’t have a choice; I had run out of options.

I then decided to stop off at one more store to look for the adapter. At that point, one of the store attendants advised me to simply get a new power chord.

Why is that amazing? It’s because despite three hours of running around looking for an adapter, that solution had never occurred to me, or any of the multiple people I had come into contact with. Yet the moment I delegated it to the universe, a solution was offered. While this young genius didn’t have the appropriate chord in stock, he did suggest a place where I might find it.

Upon my arrival at the recommended store, one of the attendants, wearing a broad smile, said to me: ‘actually we do have that computer chord.’ He disappeared to the back and came back moments later, and announced, “You can have this for free.”

I was ready to faint! Fortunately, I didn’t; but I left the store with my heart singing!

I still had one problem though, the non-existent presentation. Buoyed by my recent success with this process, I decided to delegate that to the universe too. Again, mentally, I asked the universe to prepare a ‘kick ass presentation’ for me to deliver.

When I arrived back at my hotel, I again sat down at my desk; and this time, the words just flowed. I spent the most glorious hours working on talking points and sourcing amazing pictures to include in my slides. I delivered my talk the following day and received a standing ovation. Although I didn’t ask for the latter, I guess that was the Universe’s interpretation of ‘kick ass’ presentation.

This process works because it encourages us to let go of the resistance in our lives; and just allow the goodness that is all around us to flow in. It doesn’t negate the need for action, but it does demand that we let go of the reigns and allow the universe to work on our behalf.

Regardless of what you may be dealing with, or how complicated it is, for this week, delegate your key issues to the universe. Once you do that, you’re not allowed to worry about them anymore. Simply look for reasons to feel good; and follow your intuition regarding the types of actions you should take. Also watch for actions that may have already been taken by others, on your behalf.

The result is pure magic.


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