Sunday, June 23, 2024

Rabies outbreak reported

A press release from the Public Relations Officer of Francistown City Council (FCC), Priscillah Gulubane, issued on Monday, stated that there was a wide outbreak of rabies. The information also indicated that the disease, commonly caused by infected animals, especially dogs, was prevalent and the public needed to take pre -cautions not to be in contact with the infected animals.

FCC is currently liaising with the Department of Veterinary Services to vaccinate dogs and kill stray animals.
The information further states that the symptoms are usually recognizable in dogs. The dog becomes dull, drips saliva and barks continuously while the person infected will show similar symptoms except barking. The infected person cannot drink water as the openings in the throat would close due to the illness.

Doctor Paul Nashara of Nyangabwe Referral Hospital said that the disease is caused by a virus; therefore there is no cure which then makes it fatal.
He informed Sunday Standard in an interview that they have never received any cases or patients showing signs of the disease.

“Someone infected with the disease is bound to lose his or her life, therefore it is very important that the public takes pre-cautions,” said the Doctor.

Nashara revealed to Sunday Standard that the outbreak did not affect the Francistown area alone, but that outbreak involved the whole country.
She further advised the public to report stray dogs to veterinary services, take dogs for injections and avoid contacts with animals suspected of carrying the disease.

The City of Francistown Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, is on high alert.


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