Sunday, April 11, 2021

Radio station manager faces several corruption charges

RB2 assistant Marketing Officer, Fondy Gaoforwe, is facing four charges of having corruptly obtained P 820, P 1, 584, 40, P 3,530 and P2, 143, 60 which was money meant for the radio station.
Giving evidence in court on Wednesday, RB2 Marketing Officer, Boipuso Ntamba, who is also Gaoforwe immediate supervisor, told Gaborone Chief Magistrate, Lot Moroka that his department does not deal with voice artists’ fees when producing radio jingles.

Ntamba said the only money that his department receives after the production of a jingle is for the use of the studio, script writing (‘if the client does not have a script already’) and for translation, if the advert is, for example, written in English and needs to be translated into Setswana.
Ntamba also told the Court that their billing system does not have entries for payment of voice artists.

Asked by defence lawyer, Tebogo Sebego, if it would be wrong for a client, who wants an advert to be made, to personally pay voice artists, Ntamba said that there is nothing wrong in that, adding that it is what is done in most of the cases.

Besides giving the money straight to the voice artist, Ntamba said that the money could also be given to the producer or to the marketing department who will, in turn, pass it to the voice artist.
A witness in the case, voice artist Justice Ditlhong, told the court that he had worked with Gaoforwe to produce several jingles, amongst which was one they produced for Cash Bazaar.

Asked by the state prosecutor who had paid him to make that jingle, Ditlhong said that he did not remember but that, in the past, Gaoforwe had paid him.
In one of the charges, the state alleges that Gaoforwe had, on April 2, 2006 corruptly obtained P1,584, 40 paid by Cash Bazaar for his own benefit for having produced a commercial or jingle for the store.

Other charges against him are that he had, on July 23, 2005, obtained P820 from Cash Bazaar; on May 6, 2006 he obtained P3, 530 again from Cash Bazaar, trading as Taku Shoes, and, finally, on September 2, 2006 received P2, 143, 60 from CB Stores.

The state alleges that all the money was corruptly obtained by Gaeforwe through his company, Fun Detainment Agency, for having made jingles for the concerned companies.

Earlier, under cross examination, former RB2 Station Manager, Motshegetsi Gasennelwe, had said that voice artists are paid by clients directly and that the station has nothing to do with such monies.

The case continues on September 17, 2007.


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