Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Ralebala resigns as pressure mounts

Lekidi, Botswana Football Association headquarters, is always packed with action.

On Monday, Botswana Football League Chairperson, Aryl Ralebala resigned from his position as chairman of the board.

Ralebala’s resignation comes at a time when the league is besieged with one controversy after the other despite the fact that there was no action in the field of play for the past eighteen months.

He resigns at the height of an animosity between the league Board and some shareholders of the league.

Some board members are not happy and accuse him and the board of failing to go by the rules of the game in their execution of their mandate. The board is accused of trampling on the constitution and do as they like sidelining shareholders on matters that need the collective to make a determination.

Recently, outspoken Gaborone United president, Nikolas Zackhem was on a rampage demanding accountability from the board and the BFA leadership.

Zac, as he is commonly called within the football circles, called a press conference to share his frustrations with both the BFA leadership and the BFL board chairperson.

He accused them of putting the game into disrepute. He called on both to resign their positions so that football can be redirected into the right path by people who will be accountable. “I regret supporting Letshwiti” he told sport journalists recently.

According to sources close to BFL authority, Ralebala’s resignation came from frustrations because they BFA leader is alleged to have failed to bring Zac to the book. “Ralebala was fed up because on numerous occasions he talked to BFA leader to bring Zac to order but he was always promised it will happen but never did,” said the source.

Another source said: “Ralebala felt that he was being attacked too much and is not protected by the BFA leadership. He wanted Zac to be disciplined.”

Ralebala was also accused to failing to regularise shareholding in the CIPA documents.

Last week six teams, Notwane, Gilport Lions, Gaborone United, Mogoditshane Fighters, Extension Gunners and Mahalapye BR forced the BFL board to abort the planned meeting after they raised constitutional issues.

Ten teams in the elite league are on the verge of starting a splinter league. Ralebala was elected chairperson of the BFL board during suspension of sport activities and has tendered his resignation before ball was kicked. Efforts to get a comment from BFL CEO, Solomon Ramochotlhwane hit a snag as his phone rang unanswered.


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