Sunday, May 29, 2022

Rammidi blasts BDP, laughs at its Congress

Botswana Congress Party Member of Parliament for Kanye North, Kentse Rammidi, says he cares less about his political future as he fulfilled what he considers a positive step in joining opposition politics.

Rammidi was the Assistant Minister of Local Government and the Secretary General of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party before jumping ship to join the Botswana National Front and, later, BCP.
“Some people at my constituency say I have been cast with a bad spell. Ba re ke na le bati … ke loilwe. How could I leave such a good career as the Assistant Minister to join opposition politics,” Rammidi told a BCP rally at Gaborone Bus Rank.

“I responded to my political conscience, set the precedence and believe that in the long run, I will be vindicated,” he added, scoffing at Odirile Motlhale and Botsalo Ntuane for rejoining the BDP.
While Ntuane and Motlhale had joined the BDP’s splinter party, the Botswana Movement for democracy, Rammidi decided to join the BCP.

He speaks highly of the BCP, saying that he was attracted by what he called the party’s sound political policies and programmes.

“When we talk about sound policies that we agreed upon, which policies would benefit the entire Botswana community, Motlhale would say ‘You should remember that I am now with the ruling party’. As for Ntuane he would tell you ‘I would better remain quiet in parliament’,” Rammidi said.

He maintained that Botsalo and Motlhale have become crystal salt, comparing them to the story of Lot in the Bible.

He said that while “the BCP Congress was full of political progress and discussed pertinent issues afflicting the lives of ordinary Batswana at Selebi-Phikwe”, the same cannot possibly be said about the BDP Congress in Maun.

“They usually listen to the speech by President Khama and thereafter disperse for drinking sprees. Go hupa hupa,” Rammidi said.

He wondered if there were any resolutions at the BDP Congress.

“We never had a time for ‘go hupa hupa’ as we used to at the BDP,” Rammidi said, adding the party discussed an array of issues of national interest resulting with resolutions agreed upon.
He said Agriculture is in the doldrums because of the BDP leadership.

He cited the employment of a former Botswana Meat Commission Chief Executive Officer whose qualifications he said was a Standard Seven grade.

“How could we progress on such shoddy appointments,” Rammidi questioned, saying the Agriculture sector was an alternative and lifeline for poor Batswana.

He said the sector could also diversify the country’s economy and added that for a long time, the BDP had neglected the sector.

He added the BDP government was hell-bent on appeasing their elite business partners, singling out business mogul Jamal whose plots he estimated at 700.

Rammidi is expected to defend his parliamentary seat in Kanye North constituency, a predominantly BDP and BNF stronghold.

The BCP is less popular in Kanye and Ngwaketse constituencies, with the party betting its monies for the first time in the area on Rammidi to ignite support for BCP.


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