Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Rammidi threatens to quit politics if umbrella cooperation fails

Member of Parliament for Kanye North and former Secretary General of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), Kentse Rammidi says he will quit politics should the umbrella cooperation initiative fail.

Addressing masses that thronged the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) rally that was held in Francistown over the weekend, he said that the umbrella cooperation strategy by the opposition parties is his last hope to remove the ruling party from power. “The umbrella cooperation is a beautiful initiative, which I fully support, and should this fail, I swear that I will quit politics and head home,” he said to the BMD members.

Rammidi, who is now an independent parliamentarian, has kept people guessing about his new political home ever since he quit the ruling party. The rumour mill says that he may join either BMD or Botswana Congress Party (BCP).

His defection from the BDP Central Committee position of Secretary General has been viewed by many as a fatal blow to the ruling party.

Rammidi took a swipe at the ruling party, saying that it has grown to be a party that has distanced itself from the interests of the voters, which led to his defecting from the party.

He said that most BDP members are now living in denial of the fact that the party is in a crisis, adding that when you are an independent thinker within the party you are branded an enemy. He said that it was disappointing to note that the BDP has transformed to be a party that has also diverted itself from democratic principles, saying that its powers are vested in a single individual.

“These are the same reasons why the BMD President Gomolemo Motswaledi and others had to defect from the party,” he told the rally.

Touching on the issue of making teaching an essential service profession, a motion which he has continuously opposed, he said that he will continue to stand his ground as he believes the government needs to take heed of the plight of teachers and not oppress them. Rammidi went on to add that he is a man who believes in the truth and will die for the truth. He blamed the ruling party for trying to disregard the teachers saying that this has always bothered him while he was still in the BDP.

The BMD rally, which was staged at the Satellite Location in the Francistown South Constituency, attracted hordes of people, including representatives from opposition parties such as the Botswana Congress Party, Botswana People’s Party and the Botswana National Front.


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