Thursday, December 8, 2022

Ramozara offers a comedy and dance thriller with ‘Lepara la koko’

If the sneak preview of his album is a measure, then music comedian Thembeni Ramosetheng’s new solo album ‘Lepara La Koko’ will give his fans something unique and thrilling.

On Wednesday, the media, fellow musicians and the Botswana Music Union (BOMU) gathered at the Gaborone West Youth Centre auditorium for a listening session of Ramosetheng’s offering.

The session was also graced by BOMU Public Relations Officer, Pagson Ntsie, Dr Vom, Maxy Sedumedi, Malaki and Charmagal.

Ramozara, as he is famously known, is one among the few artists who revolutionised a new genre that mixes comedy, music and dance.

That fans are responding excitedly to it shows that this thrilling cocktail is working for those in this genre like Ramozara, Radijo, Pongo and Makau of the ‘Sebinjolo’ fame. These artists have become much sought after following their debut albums.

Ramozara, a member of the popular traditional group Culture Spears, says he started the comedy project “just as an experiment”. Batswana loved it. And so he has now decided to make it his trademark.

During the listening session, Ramozara began by performing the title track ‘Lepara la Koko’. As he went on stage and took a microphone, some were expecting a stand up comedy show.

He was in his usual Ramozara attire, comprising old fashioned clothing portraying an old man. To their surprise, the audience heard music and Ramozara dancing to the tune.

Lepara la koko is a mixture of traditional mpacanga and kwasa-kwasa. It is fast tempo dance song , just like ‘Sebinjolo’ of Makau.

In this song, Ramozara, being a comedian takes a swipe at skinny ladies saying they are starving themselves so that they can look like catwalk models.

His audience were in stitches when he explained the theme behind his song. He said most of these skinny ladies are not naturally skinny, but they are skinny because of hunger.

“It is either you are slender by nature or slender by hunger,” said Ramozara as the audience roared in laughter.

The 30-year-old pint-sized entertainer went on to sing a song called 2014 Ngwaga wa ma14. This song is about old men who are into dating young women.

Ramozara warns the ‘oldies’ that ma14 (a local informal lingo referring to a young lady between her high school and tertiary years) are goldgiggers and will suck them dry.

In all these songs which are similar in style, Ramozara showed his dancing skills as he wowed the audience.

The eight-track album covers most the tastes and preferences of the Botswana music lovers. It has a mix of jazz, gospel and traditional music, with live comedy performance and entertainment the underlying theme.

The album is due out within three weeks.


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