Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Randy police officers shame uniform

Hardly four months after the much publicized love triangle scandal between a married senior police officer and his junior female officer in Tlokweng, yet another police boss was caught by his wife with his pants down.

Smash Makoba, assistant Superintendent at the Borakanelo Police Station, was found by his wife sleeping with a mistress at a house in Block 9.
Relating her marriage problems before Gaborone West customary court, deputy president, Kgosi David Setshwane, Keneilwe Makoba told the court she had long suspected his husband was having an affair with Maipelo Sebakiso.

She said her suspicions dated back to 2003 when his husband’s cell phone would never stop ringing and, upon discreet enquiries, caught up with Sebakiso.

Keneilwe said on the morning of December 20, 2006 she unexpectedly arrived at their Block 9 home from her home village only to find his husband sleeping with Sebakiso in the house.
Although she found Sebakiso in a different room sleeping with her clothes on, she was convinced something was going on.

“I have long suspected my husband was having an affair. I caught them inside the house. Though they said they were just friends, I was adamant a cat and a mouse do not sleep together.”

She said she moved around the house and found some woman’s clothes in the bath room. In their bedroom she found some ladies panties.
She told the court that she seized the panties only to be told by Sebakiso arrogantly that the clothes were hers and that she would need them after taking a bath.

“She is even boastful and arrogant. She is in full control of my house to the extent of taking a bath as she wishes. She controls everything including my husband.”

Keneilwe related how Sebakiso had broken up her family saying her husband no longer cares for the family.

She said she was now dry-skinned and their children go to school on empty stomachs, all because of Sebakiso.

She observed that Sebakiso was healthy-looking and was living big mainly because her husband was caring for her.

Keneilwe pleaded with Sebakiso to leave her family alone and to bring back her husband. She believed Sebakiso had cast a spell on her husband, saying her husband used to be a loving man who cared for her and the children.

“Today my husband is so different”, she said.
With tears clouding her eyes and with a special constable between them to parry a possible fight, the mother of five told the court Sebakiso was not ready to relinquish her husband as evidenced by the recent calls availed by Mascom between February and April 2007.

However, in her evidence-in-chief, Sebakiso denied any sexual relationship between her and Makoba.
“We call each other as friends and nothing else,” she said.

Delivering the judgment, Kgosi Setshwane said Sebakiso was an evil person who, instead of walking with other women against violence against their persons at the hands of men, she fueled it.
“I am satisfied and convinced with the evidence adduced before this court. To me a cat and a mouse do not share a house.”

Kgosi sentenced the marriage wrecker to compensate Makoba’s wife with 8 cattle or P8000 within a period of 90 days. In the event she fails to do so within the stipulated period, Setshwane said Sebakiso’s properties would be confiscated to the said amount.


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