Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Rapists targeting retarded young girls

Rapists have gone on the rampage in Botswana, and mentally retarded young girls are having the worst of it ÔÇô Botswana Police Service have revealed.

The Botswana Police Service this week reported an emerging trend in which a growing number of rapists are targeting minors and mentally retarded girls.

The police Public Relations Unit has issued a press statement indicating that 40 cases of rape have been reported since the beginning of the year and in a significant number of cases the victims were either minors or mentally retarded girls.

“In the latest development, five cases of defilement of persons under the age of 16 years and three cases of defilement of mentally challenged females were recorded by the police. Out of these cases, six were clocked in the South Central Division whilst two were recorded in Southern Division,” reads part of the police statement.

In one of the incidents, a 28-year-old psychiatric patient of Mokwele Ward in Letlhakeng was defiled by a 39-year-old close relative from Ratshosa Ward in the same village.

Investigating officer, Inspector Daniel Katse of Letlhakeng, says the rape was only discovered because the woman fell pregnant.

“She complained of sickness and stomach pains. Results from the hospital revealed she was pregnant,” Katse said.
“All along, she did not report the incident. We are waiting the victim’s results from the psychiatric department and there after the culprit will be charged accordingly.”

Should the psychiatric evaluation confirm that the woman is mentally retarded the culprit would be charged with defilement of a mentally retarded person.

In the event the victim is not mentally retarded, Katse says the culprit would be slapped with an ordinary rape charge.
The police weekly statement further stated that “in a similar incident that occurred recently, a 12-year-old mentally retarded girl of Woodhall II in Lobatse was reported to have been sexually molested on several occasions by unknown men.”

Six suspects have been arrested for six of the cases, notes the statement.

The police say 26 cases were registered recently.
Fourteen suspects, the police say, have been arrested for some of the cases.

Old Naledi Police are also currently investigating a case in which a 15-year-old girl was allegedly defiled by a 25-year-old man.

Station Commander Meshack Ranku told Sunday Standard that “the young girl and the culprit are tenants in the same yard. The culprit enticed the young girl by sending her to buy some units and eventually molested her.”

Ranku adds, “She was seen by her sisters coming out of the culprit’s room and subsequently poured out her ordeal.”

Ranku confirmed the emerging trend of defilement in his area of jurisdiction.


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