Thursday, March 23, 2023

Recreation or reproduction? Will the real bosom buddy stand up

Author Iris Marion Young could not have put it better when stating that, “Breasts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and sexuality.” There is a wafer thin line between motherhood and sexuality where breasts are concerned. It is a clear cut case similar to that of the chicken and the egg (which came first), when pondering on the primary function of the breasts, are they for recreation or reproductive purposes?

Regardless of what they are used for the woman’s breast despite its lack of muscle it is one of the most powerful organ in the human body. In 2010 there women all over the world united against gender inequality and had what is now known as a “Boobquake” where liberated women shook their breasts(metaphorically) at the chauvinistic remarks of an Iranian cleric who blamed the modern day woman’s sexual tendencies for all the natural disasters like floods and earthquakes which were happening all over the world at the time.

Empires have fallen; great men have been brought to shame by the power wielded by this relatively small bag of fat. Women are very much aware of this and do their best to accentuate this feature by all means whether in the clothes they wear, body language and some go to the extent of reconstructive surgery to keep them perky or enlarge them with silicone implants.

When asked what first came into their minds at the mere mention of the words breast or boobs, there were a lot of interesting responses, while many had extreme sexual connotation some went the extra mile in explaining what breasts meant to them on various levels.

Public Relations specialist, Ewetse Khama jokingly referring to the topic as ‘Twin topics’ stated that breasts can be viewed from different perspective varying from the emotional, artistic and sexual . From breast feeding the human to the different shapes, sizes and tones and their role in sexuality Khama further stated that they are strategically located just below the face in that when communicating with a woman it would be extremely hard not to rove an eye in their direction, “However for whatever reason, weather naturally so or contrived, breasts positioned just so under the face, can steal attention from where it is supposed to go in polite company anyway. It can be a power play, used against men and other women, where the attention is drawn elsewhere whether for nefarious ends or seductive it’s still power and its magnificent to see it in action,” said Khama.

Media analyst Lawrence Ookeditse is of the notion that the power of breasts is not in the coprate sense but rather in the sexual manner and that the western trends and culture have escalated this notion by the portrayal of women in the media, however Ookeditse also stated that, “For men, we look at them every day and appreciate them but not always for being a nurturing, life supporting part of life in a huge measure, as part of your great appeal.”

Throwing in a feminine perspective, journalist and writer Phemelo Ramasu gave a personal experience of her relationship with her ample bosom. “My twins or neighbors’ as I have come to call them are my best assets. And I have to agree with those who say they are a symbol of power,” said Ramasu, further explaining that she had it hard during her formative years as she caught the puberty train relatively earlier and was subjected to ridicule by her ‘flat chested peers’ who are now willing to trade an arm and a leg for a rack like hers.

Maureen Odubeng also shed some light on this, matter citing that, “To me boobs are there just as a part that contributes to a ‘whole you’, to elaborate, I don’t particularly believe attractiveness is measured based on boobs alone, my thoughts are that a lot of times women who put more emphasis on boobs, have insecurity issues, and are always trying to find ways, to feel wanted, more especially by the opposite sex.” She explained that in her opinion attractiveness is an issue of self esteem regardless of the size of your chest and that because of varying tastes, no one set of boobs can be perceived as the perfect set since some prefer smaller and others prefer the fuller size. With regard to the power some believe they posses Odubeng did not mince her words and stated that, “I don’t see breasts as a symbol of power, unless you are trying to objectify yourself as a woman.

To me it can only be seen as a symbol of power by women who want to sell their bodies, or want to be measured based on their looks, and not as able, intelligent individuals.”

While some may think women spend their days covering up one of their greatest weapons, the breasts of a woman play an integral role in most lives and should be given the respect that that they deserve. The breasts, boob, bosom or rack embodies a lot of factors surrounding womanhood dealing with issues of self esteem, sexuality and aesthetics, and all the women out there should therefore not be afraid to exercise their ‘Breast Power.’


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