Monday, May 20, 2024

Reds Chill Step ‘All black’ theme captures more color

Redds Chill step Sundays youth in arts Exhibitions is a cultural experience where pop up art galleries, fashion, craft stores and other cultural attractions from all over Botswana are displayed. The last edition celebrated all aspects of arts, being black, the black culture and black excellence. Legendary Black Trash and Tsholo Dikobe also played a role during the event as head liners with regard to clothing, style, blogging and travelling. Redds Chill step Sundays has grown into one of the country’s foremost cultural and authentic experiences with over 30 active art and craft stations.

The recent chill step Sundays has to go down as one of the most phenomenal having achieved the all black theme in terms of participants’ conformity, quality and attendance. Popular clothing Black Trash made the most of the opportunity with their Black Clothes which were right on point. Black also captured the moment of mourning for the recently deceased DJ / Producer Avicci.

As part of EDM live projects and its mandate to push electro Dance Music scene, they had an hour of tribute for Avicii. ‘’Avicci is one of the youngest drivers of EDM fraternity globally and it was only right that we celebrate his contribution and dedication to the genre”, said Drew Chadhall.

Headliners Black Trash and Tsholo Dikobe showcased their new clothing range and their future collaborations. The event had patrons buying locally produced stuff from young Batswana creative entrepreneurs. Resident DJ’s Tegee Global, Casper The DJ, DJ Scratch and D-Axis did well to get people dancing.


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