Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Remembering our kind, loving and caring men…Happy Fathers’ Day!

Many cultures have over the years maintained the belief that a woman’s place is in the kitchen while the man belongs to the world of work. If we go even further into history, men were hunters and women were gatherers. This automatically meant that the woman didn’t wonder too far from the kitchen while the man went out into the wild to bring back a kill and give it to the woman to cook.

Therefore it is often a pleasant surprise when a man ventures in the kitchen to cook up a storm, or even better, make a career out of cooking by becoming a chef. What a sight to behold!

Growing up, the kitchen was the furthest and most unreachable part of the household for the boy child.

The girls did all the cooking and cleaning with their mothers while the boys tended for the animals at the cattle post with their fathers. The boys were also encouraged to partake in sports, go to the gym, play video games and engage in any activities that were considered macho.

The only time when men ventured into the kitchen was during traditional ceremonies, because they knew which pieces to cut and how to cook them according to tradition.

But now the world has changed and it is not uncommon for a woman to get home from work and find her husband cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Some men have even made it fashionable and they are more willing to assist their partners with the house chores.

Today’s world is a tough world, and the road travelled by young men and women can be tumultuous.

But when they have a shoulder to cry on, a loved one they can call for comfort, inspiration and encouragement, then life becomes a lot easier to bear and navigate. The load is lightened when couples stand by each other. It is no longer a rarity to find a woman proudly accompanying her husband to the cattle post. Everyone wants to come home to a loving partner who complements them and makes them smile. Everybody could use a helping hand; superman needs superwoman and vis-a-vis.

The thing that would comfort me most when I walk down the aisle would be to know that my hand is being held by a man who will stand by me come what may. I want to know that should I have to go on holiday or attend to career issues that require that I be away from home, I leave behind a father and a loving husband.

In Botswana, this dream is repeatedly affirmed by men and women of my generation. We have made tremendous progress, and we are very proud of the kind and loving men in our lives. Happy Fathers Day!


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