Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Remmogo Youth Organisation launches Communication Platforms

Government officials, private sector representatives, members of the media, local musicians and television personalities all convened at Cresta Lodge in Gaborone last Thursday to witness the launch of Remmogo’s Communication Platforms that have been made available for the youth to voice their opinions, experiences and suggestions in line with Remmogo’s mandate to address social ills.

The highlight of the event was the launch of “Monana 4 life” radio talk show, which will be aired live on RB2 every Saturday morning from 0945hrs.

To acknowledge this milestone, RB2’s Programmes Manager, Fundi Gaoforwe, was there to say a few words of encouragement.

Gaoforwe assured the audience that RB2 would fully support Remmogo Youth Organization and the Monana 4 Life radio talk show.

Remmogo’s Facebook page, as well as Twitter, was launched and the team announced the impending launch of the organization’s website. Other communication platforms made available for the Youth are the Remmogo SMS Line and Membership club.

During his opening remarks, Nkosi Mwaba, one of the advisors of Remmogo Youth Organisation. Said that the importance of youthful organizations, such as this one, is in paving the way for future leaders of Botswana.

“Remmogo is encouraging a culture where social ills such as poverty, crime, drug and substance abuse, so called passion killings, rape and other forms of abuse are faced head-on and addressed and curbed maturely and effectively. A culture where the youth will stand up as a collective to support each other in advocating for better education, good health, safe roads and a positive and meaningful way of life for all. A culture where the lives of future leaders and parents of this country are safeguarded and protected to pave the way for the generations that will follow. A proactive culture where in society, prevention is better than cure,” Mwaba said.

In his keynote address, the Executive Director of Remmogo Youth Organization, Kagiso Morebodi, said, “There are still challenges to be faced and pinnacles to be reached and I strongly believe that through organizations such as Remmogo and with the visionary leadership and support of such inspiring youth, we will move mountains. There are still a number of initiatives to be launched through Remmogo, such as school road shows to target in and out-of-school youth as well as other programmes to be announced in due course. In closing I call upon the youth to take ownership of what Remmogo has to offer, I would also like to appeal to our elders and leaders to continue to empower us to make a difference.”


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