Monday, December 4, 2023

Report on BDF air plane collision will not be made public

The commander of Botswana Defense Force (BDF), Tebogo Masire, has handed over a classified report to the Minister of Justice, Security and Defense that was compiled by a team of plane crash experts following the horrific mid air plane collision that left two pilots dead in Letlhakeng Village in Kweneng district

The accident involved two BDF training aircraft and occurred late last year.

“The report has been handed over to the BDF Commander which he, in turn, has handed over to the minister of Justice, Defense and Security who will then give us guidance.”

He said though the investigators have completed their investigations, the report is not meant for public consumption and will remain classified.

“It is a norm in BDF that when there is a crash, the investigations remain classified,” he said.
He said the thick report explains in detail what could have caused the accident and also makes recommendations on how to prevent such accidents.

Sharp said one of the recommendations that he can share with the public is that the investigators proposed in the report that there should always be rapid inspection of planes before or after flying.

He said the most important thing in the report is the fact that the accident was not caused by human error but was mechanical but did not want to go into detail.

Sharp, however, said BDF is expected to buy a new PC 7 fleet but would not want to reveal exactly how many training planes remain.


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