Friday, June 21, 2024

Reputable Dee-Zone Productions launches entertainment show

In the backdrop of the fast growing local entertainment industry, Dee-Zone Productions has unveiled an exciting entertainment television show, Pula Power. The first installment of this jam-packed show premiered on Botswana Television (BTV) at 9.30pm last week Friday.

Dee-Zone Executive director and producer, Thabiso Maretlwaneng, says the name of the show was inspired by the imperative need to take pride in celebrating Botswana arts and entertainment.

“The incorporation of the word Pula, is to signify what we pride ourselves with, as Batswana. Pula Power aims to give a platform to all our local entertainers to shine and showcase their skills,” he explained.

He said they wanted the show to encourage fun yet responsible entertainment among youth in Botswana.

Maretlwaneng further said the show would give filmmakers and production companies a platform to showcase their products such as music videos. The show has different unique segments. Those who enjoy entertainment events will be excited by “The Platform”, which features interviews with artists, revelers and promoters, as well as performance snippets. The other segment, “The Pros” segment, was formulated to celebrate professionals or experts who have excelled in their fields of profession, with special focus on people who work behind the scenes, like music producers, film directors, beat makers, sound engineers, and promoters. On the “Power 5” viewers should expect to see various artists get an opportunity to present their current top five songs.

The “Katch Up” profiles different local artists, where no stones are left unturned in an up-close-and-personal interview. New music videos will be premiered on “The Loop”, which features the latest local music videos. Another segment is “The Booth-┬¡?Mix Rhymes” where artists will showcase their lyrical skills in a recording booth set up. The show also features a “Gig guide” to keep viewers up to date with events happening at different spots around Botswana. Future segments include “The Mix” where Visual Jockeys (VJs) mix different local music videos.

Pula Power boasts cutting edge 3D motion graphics and highly paced editing style. Pula Power will be interactive through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where viewers will send their video requests and shout outs. Viewers’ comments and feedback will also appear during the show.

However, putting this show together hasn’t been smooth sailing; there have been tears and struggles to make it a reality.

“It’s been an exciting but challenging journey so far having this program implemented three years ago when we did the end of the year countdown shows for BTV and showcasing Botswana entertainment, events and artists’ interviews.”

“We are glad that we were given the green light to flight the show on our national broadcaster. This compliments and makes our dream come true to play a visible and active role in promoting Botswana’s growing arts and entertainment scene. Dee-zone believes Pula Power will come in handy in this regard and its high time Botswana brand their own talent for local artists,” said Maretlwaneng.

COSBOTS has also revealed that the artists will be paid royalties for their music videos, by BTV.

In order to reach the continent and sell Botswana’s talent internationally, Dee-Zone will package the programme to screen on international platform TV Channel Planet Radio TV (PRTV) that is showcased in 43 countries across East and West Africa, and GOTV Channel 78 in Nigeria, which is perceived as Africa’s biggest entertainment market.

Dee-Zone Productions is the brainchild of Ntwakgolo which aired on BTV last year, garnering a huge following among youth and elders alike.


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