Monday, August 8, 2022

Retiring Brigadier leaves words of encouragement to his BDF colleagues

Retired Botswana Defence Force (BDF) Brigadier Letsogile Motsumi of the Second Infantry Brigade last week marked the end of his career in the military by giving words of encouragement to his colleagues. Giving his speech during his farewell party in Donga BDF Camp in Francistown last week, an emotionally charged Motsumi reminded his colleagues that in each and every success story is hard work.

He also told the soldiers that an effective army does not have to be determined by the number of artillery it has but the quality of soldiers.

“Success is not determined by default but through hard work, dedication, commitment and it requires us as individuals to be of high standard of discipline,” he said.

The brigadier went on to encourage the colleagues to maintain their integrity, sense of duty, obey orders and carry out assigned missions and further stick to good ethical conduct.

Reciting his career journey with the BDF, Motsumi said that he served the military for 36 years from the time when BDF grew from a small Police Mobile Unit (PMU) to a now fully fledged army with appropriate equipment.

“What really led me to join the army is that there was political instability in the region and during that time there were military incursions into Botswana particularly in the North East Region,” he said.

Motsumi went further to mention that the disturbing situation is that people were molested, harassed and some were killed with their property destroyed, therefore, he felt the need to play an active role in protecting his nation. He mentioned that during the early years of Botswana it was very critical to have BDF to meet the safety and security of the nation.

Motsumi said that he retires a happy man as now the BDF has grown and developed from a one rifle company to an army that has got recognition among African forces.

“I consider myself to have been fortunate and blessed to have had an opportunity to serve under the former commanders and present commander of the Botswana Defence Force as they have guided, developed and supported me throughout my service in the BDF,” he concluded.


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