Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Robbers cut off man’s bottom lip

Thirty-year-old Santos Aogeng from Broadhurst was last week attacked by unknown assailants who later cut off his bottom lip.

Aogeng told The Telegraph that he was walking home at about 12 midnight when three men jumped him and demanded that he hand over his cell phone and wallet.

While still trying to tell the assailants that he did not have any of the things that they were demanding, the men tripped him to the ground and started kicking him all over the body.

“One of the men pulled out a knife and cut my lower lip,” he said.

The three suspects then disappeared into the night.

“I frantically looked around for the piece that was cut off, but could not find it. I was bleeding profusely, and I decided to seek help from Broadhurst Police station,” he said.
Aogeng said that the police took him to Princess Marina Hospital and left him there.

“I was later discharged, and I had to walk back to Broadhurst once again,” he said.

He further said that the police did not even bother to take a statement from him.

Broadhurst police station commander superintendent Counsel Moyo said he is not aware of such an incident.
He, however, explained that the police cannot wait for a person who has been handed over to medical personnel because they have to rush back to assist other people.


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