Friday, July 12, 2024

Rollers and Chiefs want BFA pay for incurred expenses

Plans are underway to stage the final league match that is expected to determine the league champions. The playoff match which was supposed to have been played on the 15th of June last month was postponed in the eleventh hour by the Botswana national Sport commission (BNSC) chairperson, Solly Reikeletseng.

After incurring expenses from last month’s aborted playoff,  the two teams now want the BFA to pay for all expenses before they can face off in the playoffs. Both Rollers and Chiefs are of the opinion that they incurred a lot of expenses preparing for last month’s aborted playoffs and cannot shoulder further expenses for the upcoming game.

Contacted for comment, Rollers communications manager, Bafana Pheto said “we are still in dialogue with the BFA and the league authorities and we can only play after we have agreed on some terms” he said.

Asked what terms his team was negotiating, he said: “we have incurred cost from the previous camps and we want the association or the league to reimburse us because it was not our fault that the match was postponed.”

Pheto detailed the huge costs they incurred assembling the team on short notice following a directive from the BFA. “We had to buy our coach an air ticket from Britain where he was with his family on holiday. We also had to make travel arrangements for our players to come to camp before the preseason activities”, explained Pheto.

He also explained that they incurred training costs since they were using the Likidi training ground for which they paid daily rental. “Our team was lodged at Masa Hotel on the night prior to the Wednesday match and we also need reimbursement for that”

The same sentiments were echoed by Chiefs who explained that as the game was scheduled off season, they had to spend a lot of money to bring their squad back together. “We had to recall our players from the off season break and as such had to arrange for their transport as well as take care of their welfare during preparations including meals and accommodations. Some of the players we intended to use were already out of contracts and we had to pay to secure their services which added to our costs,” Chiefs General Manager Zaahid Jalal explained. The Chiefs General Manager however could not delve into details, saying negotiations are still ongoing to determine a way forward.

For his part, Botswana Football Association Chief executive officer, Kitso Kemoeng expressed optimism that the playoff will take place as both teams involved have shown commitment to finish it off soon. Both teams have held meeting with the BFA leadership to dialogue on issues of concern said Kemoeng in a press release.

“Two meetings have since been held both in a harmonious atmosphere, where they all saw the need to bring in other major stakeholders into engagement with a view of tying up the loose end on the matter, such that the playoff can be facilitated and played well ahead of the new season, 2016/2017 season” Kemoeng.


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