Saturday, March 2, 2024

Rollers’ constitution must be respected- Mmui

After what transpired at the aborted meeting, some of the Rollers’ committee members have accused Mmui for being controlled by Gaborone Central Branch. The branch members have been labeled as rebels who are anti-Somerset Gobuiwang (Rollers’ Managing Director). Following the weekend’s drama the relationship between Mmui and Gobuiwang is said to have hit an all time low.

In fact before the meeting, those supporters who are in Gobuiwang’s corner claimed that Mmui was trying to turn the supporters against their MD by calling the meeting. When Rollers’ secretary Khumo Masonya was quoted in a midweek publication labeling Mmui as a hothead, it was a clear indication that all is not well at one of the country’s most popular club.

But those close to Rollers’ camp indicate that the relationship between Mmui and Gobuiwang has long soured but people are just using the weekend’s events as an excuse. It is reported that when Rollers opened their office in Gaborone Mmui was never notified. “He was not informed about the preparations or whatsoever. In Gobuiwang’s eyes Mmui is non existent. In a bid to save face, Mmui was given an invitation card to the event so that people cannot ask questions,” said a source.

After few days of trying to get hold of Mmui, this publication managed to pin him down for an interview on Friday morning. Despite all the criticism leveled against him, Mmui has remained unmoved. “I never get emotional when dealing with issues and it is quite unfortunate that some people have decided to go that route. I never want to discuss things with the media but I’m left with no choice but to do so,” he said.

Rollers’ chairman made it clear that he will continue to do what is right for the club as mandated by the general membership who put him in the position to drive their ship. He pointed out that it was important to have the weekend’s meeting as per the constitution of the club. “I will stand to protect the constitution of the club no matter what. If people want to blame me for doing what is right (by calling the meeting as per the constitution) let it be. We need to know that Rollers belong to the general membership if there is something to be done, it is the supporters who have to give the waiver,” said Mmui.

He rubbished midweek reports that he called the meeting against the blessings of the other committee members. “I find it strange for Masonya to go public that I went solo when calling this meeting. We met at his office on July 4 to prepare for the weekend’s gathering having met at Jagdish Shah’s place the previous day. It was unfortunate for him to have made such a statement,” he said.

Ever since the July 20 incident, Mmui said that he has been consulting the club’s elders on the best way forward. He made it clear that there is need to bring stability to the club before the season kicks off. He dismissed rumours that he intends stepping down as the chairman of Rollers Football Club. “As a true leader, you don’t have to run away when there are problems. That would show that one does not have the interest of the club at heart. I’m going to ensure that there is peace and stability at the club. The most important thing when we’ll be in talks is to respect the constitution of Rollers Football Club,” he said. Mmui noted that it is important to stop the current fighting because it is likely to chase away potential sponsors of the club.

Meanwhile, Rollers are supposed to launch their kit and club’s vehicle on August 3 but indications at that some supporters are planning to go to court in a bid to stop the launch. It is understood the concerned supporters want to clear air about the privatization before events like the one planned for August 3 can take place.


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