Sunday, May 26, 2024

Rollers’ supporters seek legal intervention

Township Rollers’ supporters are questioning the legitimacy of the business partnership between Township Holdings and their club, which was launched on Friday evening in Gaborone.

The disgruntled group made their complaints clear when they wrote a letter through their lawyer, Busang Sebonego Attorney, to businessman Jagdish Shah and copied it to Rollers’ executive and Registrar of Societies.

In the letter, the supporters summoned Shah to an urgent meeting to deliberate on issues which are of concern to them.

“It came to our client (Gaborone Central Branch) as a shock to learn of the Business partnership scheduled for the 15th March 2013. The launch as scheduled is not consistent and constructively defeats the resolution as taken to the prejudice of client and many others who have interest in this matter.

“Any decisions and actions taken pertaining to the affairs of the club must and should be done in accordance and in conformity with the club’s constitution and resolutions taken at its formal meetings.

“Our client is of the view that it is in the interest of the club as a whole and yourselves to hold an urgent meeting preferably before the launch to deliberate on the issues raised,” read part of the letter, which was addressed to Shah by Busang Sebonego Attorneys.

In an interview on Monday morning, Gaborone Central branch chairman Sendelani Jobe said, “Rollers is a society and any decision should be endorsed by the general membership. In November we held a meeting where a Task Force was established to oversee the privatization process. After that, the Task Force is supposed to come back and give a report to the general membership. While we’re still waiting for the meeting, it came as a shock to hear that there is a launch.”

Jobe pointed out that they tried in vain to meet with Rollers’ leadership to air their grievances.
“The chairman (Spencer Mmui) assured us that he’ll call a meeting and a day was agreed. Instead he sent us from pillar to post much to our disappointment. We were left with no choice but to go the legal route,” he added.

Shah met with the representatives of the supporters on Friday afternoon to hear out their concerns. An agreement was made that the business tycoon will meet with the supporters again today (Wednesday) or tomorrow.

“I want to make it categorically clear that we don’t have a problem with Jagdish contrary to what some people think. We wanted to make it clear to him that there are some supporters who are not happy at the manner in which the partnership was done,” added Jobe.

While the launch was going on opposite University of Botswana, Gaborone Central branch supporters were having their own meeting at the club’s training in Gaborone West.

“It’s not easy to run a football club but some of these guys (Gaborone Central Branch) think they can run it from their pockets. Jagdish is coming to add value to the club and people must appreciate that. We would be stupid if we think some of those guys can lead our club,” said one supporter after watching the CAF Champions League game between Mochudi Centre Chiefs and TP Mazembe at UB Stadium on Saturday afternoon.


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