Thursday, November 30, 2023

Room50two hotel promises first class service the corporate world

Iconic architecture often contributes to the publicizing of many cities across the world, with many countries becoming synonymous with their iconic buildings. Not only do these structures provide for the practicalities of commercial or residential space, but they leave an imprint on people, they evoke emotion and they make citizens proud.

This statement was made by the iTowers management during the official opening of the south tower late 2016. 

Now the newly opened Room50two hotel is breathing even more life into the 30 story building.The 54 room hotel provides an incredible opportunity for citizens and travelers to experience the splendor of the iconic structure over night without having to fork out the one million bucks that it requires to purchase a unit. 

“Our target clientele is the corporate society and business travelers,” says the hotel’s General Manager, Shirley Tjirokohe. From the outside the south tower which is the tallest building in Gaborone that houses Room50two looks isolated.

Gazing through the window from the 26th floor penthouse, the building dwarves the north tower and gives an incredible view of the Gaborone landscape.

The decor and atmosphere as one enters the Room50two hotel on the ground floor reflects the classy and professional ethos the hotel prides itself with. The open plan reception area provides a spacious lounging area where guests can browse through coffee-table books such as ‘The Best of Botswana’ series while waiting for service. 

As we make our way into the lift the first thing that one notices is the access card our tour guide for the day, Front Office Manager GaboeteMoseki,uses to gain access to the elevator. “Only authorized persons can ride on the elevator,” he said.

With guests nowadays concerned about the safety of their belongings, the security feature is a welcome development and gives one a sense of comfort. The access card affords guests access only to the floor of their respective rooms and the restaurant, which shall be located on the 28th floor when all construction is complete. For the claustrophobic type, Room50two is just the perfect place with its spacious rooms that boast luxurious bathroom fittings that include classic free standing tubs, and spacious showers with large flat rain shower heads that gives the illusion of rainfall. The see through glass doors to the shower and toilet also mean you don’t have to worry about Oscar Pistorius mistaking you for a burglar.

The 36 inter-leadingen-suite standard rooms are also an ideal for families. The small open-plan kitchens induce a self-catering feeling that makes the place feel like home. With the hotel occupying six floors from floor four to nine, and 26-28, one cannot help taking advantage of their vantage point and checking out the rest of the city.

“I usually have friends calling me for traffic reports at rush hour,” Justin Jose quipped. He is Overseas Development Enterprises (ODE) head of New Projects. The company owns Room50two. To make your viewing less of a chore there are cushions by the windows to kneel on as you spy on the rest of the city. Or alternatively for those in the premium-plus, there is a balcony where you can enjoy the morning/evening breeze. The view of the State House from some of the rooms is to die for. Makes you feel like you could actually wave to His Excellency from up there.

The long balcony from the penthouse on the 26th floor provides a panoramic view of the entire Gaborone City.There are also accessible rooms for people living with disability. Table50two is the hotel’s new fine dining restaurant which is currently situated on the 26th floor. “Our restaurant offers a unique and world class menu complemented by a comprehensive choice of wine and beverage,” the hotel says. The hotel also offers has underground parking for all tenants and guests with each client accorded their own parking bay.

General Manager, Tjirokohe, says once everything is in place they expect nothing less than a five star rating. “What will stand out most about Room50two is the excellent service we provide,” she says. The hotel employs 60 staff. With its class and grandeur Room50two is not the ideal place for debauchery but it definitely provides a well needed respite from the bustle of the Gaborone City life.


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