Saturday, July 20, 2024

Ryushin- Kan Botswana switches allegiances


High and unaffordable affiliation fees have forced erstwhile International Ryushin- Kan Karate Do Botswana to switch international allegiances from Ryushin-Kan International Karate Do Africa (RIKA) to NIHON Karate do KENWA KAI INT’L.

The move, which sees the club now assuming the name Shitoryu Kenwa Kai Karate Do Botswana has been confirmed by its instructor Sensei Isaiah Ramontshonyane.

Following years of affiliation to Ryushin-Kan International Karate Do Africa (RIKA), Ramontshonyane said the leadership felt it was time for change as their previous affiliation was demanding and straining as it was highly expensive.

He said under RIKA, they were expected to pay US$ 5 000 in annual affiliation fees, which came with the demand that athletes pay for training fees on monthly basis.

“We do not have money and as instructors we teach our kids for free; where are we going to get money to pay?” Ramontshonyane asked rhetorically.

He went on to explain that their move to switch alliances came as they sought an affordable international association to affiliate with.

“The one we have moved to expects us to only pay US$ 50 annual affiliation fees while each member in our leadership is expected to renew their membership at US$10 annually,” Ramontshonyane said.

On how the change in style and affiliation would affect them and their affiliation to the Botswana Karate Association (BOKA), Ramontshonyane said they do not expect any.

He said the change is allowed within the BOKA constitution and therefore does not have any negative effect whatsoever.

Still with the affiliation switch, Ramontshonyane revealed that he has been appointed as the Botswana Chief Instructor representative for Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai INT’L.

With the appointment, he said he has also been authorized to award karate grading up to the rank of Ni Dan and to also conduct Karate development activities under the Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai INT’L.

Ramontshonyane highlighted that he and his group are happy about the change and they are looking forward to a good relationship with them.


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