Friday, March 31, 2023

Safdico Diamond company supports youth leadership development in Mochudi

Since the launch of the Graff Leadership Centre in partnership with Stepping Stones International (SSI) in Mochudi in October 2011, the ‘Finding the Leader Within’, a three-year leadership programme hosted by the centre for vulnerable youth aged above 12-18, has taken off.

Rutang Moses, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Safdico Botswana and Diamond Technology Park, says the caregivers are now in full operation.

Moses recently presented certificates to 45 participants who had completed a five-day ‘Parent Child Communication’ workshop as part of the ‘Finding the Leader Within’ leadership programme. The workshop participants comprised of both youths and their caregivers.

“The Finding the Leader Within Leadership Programme is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to empower youth, primarily those who are orphaned and vulnerable, to attain employment, sustain a respectable quality of life and become productive members of society,” she explained.

Moses highlighted that the programme provides the opportunity for youth to become self-sufficient leaders in their communities, to promote their ability to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse, alcohol, substance abuse. She added that also the other peer or family pressure and to advocate employment opportunities are also key areas.

“There is need to look at part of the society, particularly the disadvantaged and extend a helping hand, which is also in line with Vision 2016 pillar of a compassionate and caring nation,” said Moses.

Safdico CEO further pointed out that the parent communication workshop aimed at improving communication and family relations between caregivers and youth.

She added that it also strengthens family support, reduces the number of youth engaging in risky behaviours, such as unprotected sex, sexual abuse, multiple concurrent partnerships, inter-generational and commercial sex.

“It helped my family because in the past my father and I never talked and got angry with each other, now, we talk and help each other,” said Masego Serale, acknowledging the education and training at the workshop as a parent. ┬á

Moses observed that the participants learnt how to communicate with their kids, to support, love care, protect and listen to them.


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