Thursday, May 23, 2024

Saleshando lauds Kekgonegile as a hard worker

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) President, Dumelang Saleshando has asked residents of Maun East to vote for Goretetse Kekgonegile as their parliamentary candidate because he is a hard worker who should be given a chance to demonstrate his abilities and bring change.

Speaking at Kekgonegile’s launch in Maun over the weekend, Saleshando said people of Kekgonegile’s caliber are rare to find and urged electorates to hold the few who come forward in high regard as they will be a bonus to the country. He added that he was so impressed by Kekgonegile’s credentials and many capabilities that he found it appropriate to include him in the BCP shadow cabinet as Minister of Labour. Saleshando added that unlike President Ian Khama, he is focused and assured that he has a pool of capable men and women who will be appointed ministers when the BCP wins the 2014 general elections.

“Khama is a very confused fellow. Ask him who his next vice president or minister will be after the elections and you will not get an answer. He is only good at appointing people as acting ministers. I can’t say much about the UDC as I don’t see them anywhere in the race”, he said. He further challenged residents of Maun to interrogate why public schools in Botswana have been posing dismal results over the last few years while private schools prospered. Saleshando said parents who are concerned about the future of their children must vote BCP because it is the only party that has a plan about how it can improve the education system.

“If you vote BDP it will continue to churn out students who fail and end up wasting their talents in low paying jobs such as Ipelegeng or volunteering to assist the police for meager wages,” said Saleshando.

Another speaker, MP for Francistown West Dr Habaudi Hubona, called for promotion of gender and women empowerment at all levels. She said research has shown that most women are household leaders who raise their children single-handedly. She urged women to stand up and be counted so that they can assume leadership roles in the economy and government. “Batswana women are disadvantaged and vulnerable to so many social ills because the country has to date not signed the SADC gender protocol. When we take over government, the BCP will ensure that women are empowered and supported to do better,” she said.

For his part, Kekgonegile said he found it fit to sacrifice his government job and stand for elections because he wants to be a voice for the voiceless. He said it is saddening that the people of Maun East still live in abject poverty with very little assistance from government while their area is rich in natural resources and agriculture. Kekgonegile said Maun West has been starved of developments for a very long time as roads and other infrastructure are dilapidated. He added that most villagers have been turned into beggars as community trusts have been sidelined. “We need to make sure that our people gain access and benefit from their natural resources. It is very unfair for them because this is the only life they know,” he said.

He added that he doesn’t regret his decision to quit the public service because he had a vision to serve the people. Kekgonegile also promised residents of Maun East that they will not regret their decision to vote him as their MP.


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