Saturday, March 2, 2024

Santos faces players’ exodus

Premier League side, Uniao Flamengo Santos, also known as ‘Youth Brigade, faces a possible players’ exodus before the start of next season.

It has since come to Sunday Standard’s attention that almost all the team’s key players’ contracts are coming to an end between June and July. This is not helped by the fact that most teams have been hovering over Santos players for some time and this could be an ideal opportunity to pounce on them.

Sunday Standard has it on good authority that most Santos players might be tempted by the good offers, especially coming from the big teams. Just to mention a few, some of the players whose contracts are coming to an end are the likes of Ngele brothers (Mogakolodi and Godfrey), Thato Bolwelweng, Bakang Moeng and Boitshoko Zikhale.

Santos is reported to be willing to renew the players’ contracts but several players are reported to be reluctant to do so. Already in the past transfer window, Santos were involved in a bitter war with league leaders Township Rollers over the services of Mogakolodi and Bolwelweng. The case had to be resolved by the Botswana Football Association’s Status Committee and the players did not play for some time.

One player who is also most likely to leave for BDF XI is Godfrey Ngele. He has already been shortlisted for the officer Cadet job at the BDF and Santos might find it really tough to persuade him to stay.

Some players are reported to be not happy following Santos refusal to allow them to join the national Under 23 against Zimbabwe two weeks ago in an All Africa qualifying encounter.

Santos contention then was that they had an important Coca-Cola game on Saturday despite the Under 23 playing the previous day. The players that Santos refused to release form a core of the national Under 23 and the team denied them necessary exposure.

Santos Chairman, Andrew Chifedi confirmed to Sunday Standard that the contracts of most players are coming to an end in a few months. He also added that they have already given all the concerned players new offers of which others have agreed while others are yet to respond.

Chifedi, however, made it clear that whichever team is interested in any of their players should be prepared to pay.

“Contracts of most of our players are due to expire in a few months and we are trying by all means to keep the players concerned. We are also aware that most teams have been after our players for some time now. What teams should be aware of is that Santos is a development team and we developed so many players and there is no way we could just let them go easily. Those interested should be prepared to pay the money we will be asking for,” he said.

Chifedi added that it is per FIFA regulations for a team that developed a player to be compensated. Chifedi did not want to speculate on the amount they would require if they are to lose their players.


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