Tuesday, May 21, 2024

SA’s heartthrob to perform on Valentine’s

South Africa’s man of the moment, Masego Maponyane, famously known as Maps will be in the country on Valentine’s Day. The 24-year-old model who is mostly popular among ladies is the son of the former football legend Marks Maponyane. Maps is expected to host an event called Redds singles night out at Cigar Lounge in Phakalane this Saturday.

Speaking to the organiser of the event, Shimmy Siku mentioned that Redds Cider has decided to celebrate Valentine’s with all the single people. He said they feel there is no reason for anyone to be sad or miserable on Valentine’s Day just because they don’t have a partner. “Couples are also welcome to come as this is a day that is supposed to be celebrated and maybe on the night we might get singles who will eventually fall for each other because the purpose of this event is to bring people together,” he said.

Siku added that they decided to bring Maps as he is young, hip, good looking and is appealing to his peers that are both male and female. “He inspires a lot of male youth and the ladies also find him appealing. It is clear that the event will be able to attract a lot of people. The young man has done a lot to prove that he deserves to be a force to reckon with in a short period of time,” he said.

People who wish to go to the event and mingle with the star can part ways with P100 on the 14th of February or they can just purchase a 12 pack of Redd’s at selected Liquarama stores to get a free invitation. “This is the night not to be missed, Maps will be coming here for the first time and so far the hype we have been getting for this event has been phenomenal. Already people cannot wait to have him around which is amazing and he also cannot wait to meet his other fans here,” he said.

Siku continued that Maps has so many titles to his name including being a model, TV presenter, actor, writer, fashion designer, MC and entrepreneur which gave them even more reason to bring him. He said Maps is also described as one of SA’s most handsome bachelor as he has appeared on a number of publications and was hailed as a man who has untouchable sense of style that has dupped him Cosmopolitans sexiest man and GQ’s second best dressed man.

“The demand to have this man here is finally over as a lot of people have been wishing to see him in the same room as them, the attendees will be allowed to take pictures with him and maybe to have a quick chat with him. This will be a perfect opportunity to network for those who have always wanted to be in the media,” he said.
The event will also feature talented DJs including Lewa Doski, Chief rocker and Shimrock.


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