Saturday, September 23, 2023

SCAR celebrates Father’s Day with new song

While many artists took to Facebook to celebrate the dads in their lives with heartwarming messages, some chose to add a little bit of spice to the occasion. Legendary, multi international award winning hip hop artist, Thato Matlhabaphiri, famously known as SCAR, has released a single from his upcoming album which celebrates fathers. The song which has been received well by his fans acknowledges father figures and offers advice to future fathers to take the role of being a dad seriously.

SCAR, who is a father himself, mentioned that as a father he felt the need to use his singing talent to give props to other fathers out there who are fulfilling their role. “This song celebrates male figures that are playing a father figure in any child’s life, these children maybe theirs or their relatives’ children,” he said.

He continued that the song also tries to explain to future fathers that being a father is much more than just making a baby, but rather it’s a role that entails a lot of responsibilities and mostly time. He said he decided to collaborate with other fathers in producing the song in order to drive the point home. The song features some of the best South African hip hop artists including Proverb and Reason, it also features local artist Lizibo who adds a bit of RnB in it by singing the hook. “Choosing these artists was easy as I wanted only the best for this song, all these artists play a father figure to their children and their relative’s children and in the song they offer advice to other dads on how to best be a great dad,” he said.

The Metholo hit maker further continued that the song does not only appeal to fathers or male figures, but also women. “This is a song that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, not only is the message on it strong, it is also one that can change many people’s lives for the better plus it brings hope,” he said.

He added that he is also currently working on his 4th studio album which is expected to hit the shelves in October. He said the album which is titled ‘Redemption’ will not only show people that he still has what it takes to claim the bragging rights, but will also show his creativity in an artistic way.

“I am working with some of the best producers in the country and some of the artists I am featuring are great too. So this project is going to be one of the best albums locally made,” he said.

The song has been enjoying a lot of air play on most radio stations as a build up to today’s auspicious occasion – Father’s day.

The Sunday Standard would like to wish a Happy Father’s day to all our readers who are daddies and father figures.


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