Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Scar vs Zeus: The ultimate Hip Hop Showdown 

Their beef has been well documented. When word hit the streets that two of Botswana’s biggest Hip Hop acts, Scar and Zeus, are beefing, local hip hop went into over drive.

They both earned their kudos at the Sprite Rap Activity Jam, and they have grown to become Botswana’s biggest Hip Hop acts. They have even represented Botswana at international level. While he was still at Yarona FM, Robin got them to battle on his show.

Listeners felt that Scar killed Zeus, but Zeus feels otherwise. The beef continued.

And now, Botswana Craft, DIY entertainment and Scar have teamed up to bring one of the biggest hip Hop shows ever, Scar vs Zeus: The Final Showdown.

The cats are cashing in on their beef.

At a press conference to launch the September 2 show, Oliver Groth of Botswana Craft and Rox Sikwane of DIY Entertainment said they wanted to give fans an opportunity to decide, once and for all, who among the two is the better MC.

“The fans must decide who number 1 is. This show will set the record straight,” they said.
It promises to be a killer show. There will be two live bands on stage to back up each of the artists.

“The live bands will be manned by very young artists. The show will also feature a number of DJ’s and a few up and coming Hip Hop artists,” said Groth.

The show will start at 7 pm, and tickets will be on sale, for P80, at all Mafia Soul outlets.

Tickets will be sold for P100 at the gate.

Scar and Zeus’ beef goes back to the days when they were still trying to break through the local Hip Hop scene. After the Yarona FM battle, word got out that Scar killed Zeus on Yarona FM.

But the Zeus camp believes Scar had an advantage because at the time he was already on P-side, and he had an album out, while Zeus was relatively unknown. They also feel that most of the callers at the time were from Partial, so it was not surprising that they voted for Scar.

Later on, Scar put out a diss song, and the beef just got worse.

The two later met at Trax Studios and they sort of made up. But the media and the fans, including other music industry players, kept the beef going.

Commenting on the issue, Scar and Zeus insisted that they have no beef with each other, and that the issue is just overly hyped up.

“We should not concentrate on the negative, but rather celebrate musical growth. Music is relative and people have different musical tastes. This is not about who is number 1, but rather about two very good artists coming together to put out a solid and quality musical product. This is a celebration of talent and quality,” said Zeus.

“The winner is not Zeus or Scar, but Hip Hop,” they said.

The two artists did not rule out possibilities of working together in future. So maybe, just maybe, we should look out for a Scar and Zeus collabo. Imagine that!


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