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School holds ‘Wellness day’ with a difference

The Tlogatloga Community Junior Secondary School (TJSS) hosted the 2012 Wellness Day during the first week of the third term to allow full participation of students and staff at least two months lead time before the end-of-year Junior Certificate final examinations, says the School Head, Pelonomi Moima.

Based on the theme: “My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility”, there was no better way of personalizing health as more of an individual responsibility than collective community effort, said Moima, during the hosting on August 10. Throughout the day welcoming “wellness” as an integral aspect of health was the buzzword on campus.

In an interview to reflect on the Day, Moima said: “‘My’ resonates beautifully even in the vernacular as it is associated with goodness. The benefits to the school cannot be overemphasized. The Bible’s New Testament Book of Romans 8, verse 28 which reads: “We know that in all things God works for good with those who love Him, those whom he has called according to His purpose.”, sums it up all. It was a marvelous Day, jam-packed with rich pickings on pertinent social issues surrounding health as well.

Without exception, presenters invited to grace the day touched on relevant aspects of health.
“I believe future events of this nature should also involve members of the Block 5 community in which the School is based, so that they can also take health issues seriously. I have no doubt, the 2012 Wellness Day will serve as a model for its successive events,” said Moima.

According to the School Head, a flashpoint of the Day was the unveiling of the Ministry of Education and Skills Development billboard spelling a most prosperous and focused school by the Assistant Director, South East Region, Oduetse Botshelo.

Delivering a keynote address, Dr. Nelson Mwaniki from the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Department said he had reminded the students that obtaining an academic qualification in addition to behavioural excellence should be prime goals when they graduate to senior secondary school. He added that to achieve both, maintaining good health of the body and mind should not be compromised through peer or other societal pressures.

“Good health begins with a balanced diet composed of fruits, vegetables, protein, cereals and the right amounts of sugar and salt. Healthy eating, regular exercise and personal hygiene boosts the body and mind to give the best performance possible. Of note, is the spread of diarrhea, transmitted through neglecting proper sanitation and not washing hands. Imagine the consequences of a diarrheal attack during an examination. Tobacco use, alcohol and substance abuse are ‘no go areas’ with dire consequences. So are unruly behavior patterns marred with violence against peers or staff. From experience, divine intervention and asking for God’s guidance has incremental benefits for both the community and school. Be warned: ‘Satan is available to provide retrogressive stewardship because he never sleeps!” warned Mwaniki.

He said indulgence in premarital sex has become a dark corridor best avoided due to HIV/AIDS and dire health consequences, given the incidence and prevalence rates. He encouraged students to be more conscious about road traffic accidents and other safety issues to avoid becoming statistics. “After the day’s activity, the body needs sufficient rest and sleep in preparation for the new day.”

University of Botswana Faculty of Engineering Department of Design & Technology lecturer in Ergonomics, Oanthata Sealetsa, and Kgalagadi Breweries Corporate Communications Manager, Mokoro Ketsitlile, spoke at length on health issues relating to muscular skeletal disorders and physical limitations of the human body, and risks associated with alcohol abuse, respectively.

Bakwi Kablay from Touch A Lazy Life Wazha, who is living positively after suffering from stroke limiting arm and leg movements, said there was a need to increase information, awareness and risk prevention against stroke. Kablay revealed that a National Stroke Awareness Day would be held at Tlokweng on September 22 to enhance momentum.

Coordinator of the TJSS Wellness Day Committee and Guidance Teacher, Bakadzi Mbulawa, commended the high standard of student discipline and active participation as contributory factors to its success. Furthermore, guest speakers made their respective presentations on schedule. Since the theme was well received and relevant it would serve as a building block and foundation for future Wellness Days.


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