Thursday, April 25, 2024

Sebego gives his colleagues a tongue lashing

Botswana Football Association (BFA) president, Tebogo Sebego, is said to have sent a stern warning that he would not tolerate any form of misconduct from members of the national executive committee. This comes after some NEC members passed ‘misleading’ information to the journalists and even posted it on some social networks.

It was widely reported in the media in the past week that former acting Chief Executive Officer, Tariq Babitseng, used a sum of P23, 300 for his personal things without consulting the NEC. It is alleged that Vice President, Finance, Gabriel Ngele and VP Administration, Boyce Sebetlela, were at the forefront of raising the alarm against Babitseng.

Some committee members are said to have been pissed off that BFA boss is not saying anything just because the man implicated in the matter happened to be his campaign manager during the build-up to the association’s elections in July last year. “Some members feel that Sebego is too soft on Babitseng. They were left with no other option but to pass the information to the media,” said a source.

Sebego called an NEC meeting on Thursday afternoon at BFA headquarters in Gaborone where he is said to have read the riot act to his colleagues. Ngele and Sebetlela were absent from the meeting as they were said to have been held by other commitments elsewhere.

Ngele was preparing for his business trip to South Africa while Sebetlela was said to have been ‘stuck’ in Kasane.

“The BFA president was not happy that some NEC members pass misleading information to the journalists. This ends up with the public getting wrong information. He pleaded with his colleagues to verify things before passing it to the scribes. Unfortunately, Ngele and Sebetlela, who are said to be at the forefront, were absent from the meeting. We will hear at the next meeting what their main agenda is,” said a source close to the developments.

Another source told this publication that he suspects that Ngele and Sebetlela excused themselves from the meeting because they have no case. It is said that the two executive members wanted NEC to endorse Babitseng’s suspension but what made it difficult is that at the time, Babitseng acted as an employee of BFA.

“It’s a complex issue because at the time when Babitseng apparently lent himself that money, he was an acting CEO. There is nowhere in the laws where it says he can be suspended,” said the source.
The Sunday Standard has proof that Babitseng has since returned the money into BFA’s account on February 26.

According to information reaching this publication, in November last year when the Algerian Under-17 team came to play Botswana in the Youth Championship, they left a debt of P23, 300 at Travel Lodge.

The BFA, through Babitseng, followed up the matter with the Algerian FA which paid the money directly to the association’s account. It was Babitseng who went ahead to settle the debt to the Lodge. When contacted for comment on Friday afternoon, Babitseng said he was not in a position to discuss the matter and referred the publication to Sebego. Efforts to reach the BFA boss were fruitless.

Ngele said he was in South Africa, therefore, could not grant insight into the matter.


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