Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Sebego Wins … AGAIN! 

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) Appeals Committee upheld the BFA Disciplinary Committee’s decision to acquit Tebogo Sebego of any wrongdoing. 

Sebego, the independent director of the Botswana Football League (BFL), had been suspended by the BFA for allegedly bringing the game into disrepute. The BFA, dissatisfied with the Disciplinary Committee’s decision to clear Sebego, appealed to the Appeals Committee, which also ruled in Sebego’s favour.

Sebego, a former BFA president, was charged with misconduct and breaching the BFA constitution, including allegedly making a unilateral decision to suspend BFL board chairman Nicholas Zakhem. Zakhem had been suspended by the BFL Board of Directors after he took the BFL to court over a decision to relieve him and another board director, Jagdish Shah, of their duties.

Before his provisional suspension on February 5, 2024, Sebego received a ‘show cause why’ letter from BFA president Maclean Letshwiti, requiring a response by January 24, 2024. Sebego requested clarification on several issues, including the legal relationship between the BFA and BFL, and the authority of the BFA president to issue such a letter. The BFA did not respond to his requests and instead charged him, leading to a Disciplinary Committee hearing on March 28, 2024.

During the hearing, Sebego argued that the case was not properly before the Disciplinary Committee, citing BFA Code of Conduct articles 116 and 117. The BFA’s legal representative eventually conceded that proper procedure had not been followed. Consequently, the Disciplinary Committee dismissed the charges against Sebego, stating, “The Disciplinary Committee hereby upholds the respondent’s first point of procedure and dismisses the complainant’s case with no order as to costs.”

The BFA’s appeal against this decision was also dismissed, leaving Sebego cleared of all charges. Following the Disciplinary Committee’s ruling, Sebego wrote to the BFA CEO seeking clarification on his suspension status, but received no response. Sebego is considered a threat to incumbent Maclean Letshwiti in the upcoming BFA National Executive Committee elections, for which nominations have recently opened. The elections committee has introduced new nomination procedures that could favour the current committee.


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