Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sechele prepares for Ireland WFF championships

Botswana’s body building jewel Gontse Sechele is faced with yet another interesting battle as he seeks to up his game in the upcoming World Fitness Federation (WFF) championships. The championships are slated for Ireland on the 6th of November and the local champion is expected to leave on the 3rd of November.

With his recent upward trajectory in bodybuilding, Sechele is expected to muscle through to the podium place after recent outstanding performances that saw the Mathangwane born being a runner up in a highly contested bid at the WFF Universe championships held in the United States of America (USA) early this year.

Sechele has revealed that his dream is to continue doing better than his last competitions as it will place him in better rankings. 

“Honestly since the last WFF universe in the US I carried on with training and shaping up where we felt needed to be sharpened. I am always trying to be up to scratch in keeping my fitness level at the best possible level. With the fact that I never had offseason, I am now conditioning my body for the competition,” said Sechele.

He added that his goal is to be among the top-notch bodybuilding athletes that are professionally recognized around the globe. 

“It is not easy to reach the top level but my goal is to penetrate through the ranks and get the most sought after pro-card license. Victory in Ireland will put me in a pole position that will earn more points for me to gain the status in the near future and I believe with extra work that have kept us busy anything is possible. My goal is to beat my last appearance and I have realized that I have been improving gradually with every competitive appearance. It only gets better with time in sport and with the experience now I know that this is a marathon with success gunned through patience.”

Furthermore, Sechele applauded his sponsors for motivating him to push harder in the unfamiliar sport in the local fraternity. 

“One can categorise bodybuilding to a minority code in our country which struggles in terms of sponsorship but I highly appreciate the support from my sponsors who believe in me and continue to encourage me despite challenges faced by bodybuilding in Botswana,” he concluded.

Sponsorships and endorsement deals that contribute to Sechele’s sportsmanship include the likes of Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO),  Bokone Reticulate Electrical Services, Mk Moesi and Company, Citizen Design, Metal testing services and his mentor Thea khama of Innercore.


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