Thursday, June 13, 2024

Secret cameras in a restaurant toilet rock Pilane

A restaurant in Pilane is at the centre of investigations after council health inspectors allegedly discovered cameras installed hidden in a toilet.

The cameras were part of infrastructure by management to spy on female employees and customers.

Kgatleng district council has moved swiftly to revoke the trading license of the restaurant in question.

The illegal viewing of females has been going on for some time until  recently when health inspectors were tipped off.

Kgatleng district chairperson Mpho Morolong told this publication that the council has referred the matter to the police for further investigation.

“This matter is quite disturbing and one wonders how many women have been watched by the perpetrators through the cameras before they were discovered,” he said.

He said the council did not grant the controversial restaurant permission to install such a device in the toilets to view customers.

He said the council would not even allow such a barbaric act as it has a mandate to protect the public.

“As we speak that particular restaurant which I cannot mention by name  has been closed until it meets the required health standards,” he said.

He added that the council will not hesitate to take drastic actions against all restaurants that pose health hazard.

Morolong explained that recently the council has been on a cleanup campaign throughout the district to check on restaurants that are non-compliant with public health standards.

He said the cleanup campaign was triggered by numerous complaints that the council received from members of public that some restaurants don’t have public toilet facilities.

He said the council then agreed to deploy health inspectors around the district to check all licensed restaurants.

Morolong stated that some of the restaurants both in Mochudi and Pilane are real health hazard and those implicated have had their licenses revoked.


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