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Secretaries Day celebrated in style

On 2nd September, 2009 secretaries celebrated their day, Secretaries’ Day, and had the opportunity to be honoured for their hard work, dedication and exceptional performance.

The event was organized by E-Red Carpet Events Company, under the directorship of Mme Ella Tebogo Isaacs.

It was the first function of its kind.
Introducing the concept, Isaacs said that Secretaries Day was established as an effort to honour those individuals (Secretaries and Office Administrators) working with top Executives, Directors, CEOs and Senior Management in various sectors and industries who have proved themselves to be key factors in their organisations’ success.

The idea is to highlight the importance of work ethics, intelligence, professionalism, personal traits, and exceptional abilities that make such persons indispensable to their managers and organizations.

To recognise secretaries for their contributions in the workplace, and to attract people to the secretarial career, Secretaries Day is celebrated worldwide on every first Wednesday of September.

This day brings together millions of people for community events, educational seminars, and individual corporate activities. The aim of the event is to empower and motivate these individuals, by giving them gifts of appreciation.

At this particular gathering, secretaries were given bouquets of flowers, sponsored by their employers.
Messages from the employers and CEOs were read, stating why the secretaries were deserving of the treat on the important day!

Mme Miriam Kondowe, of Mirkone Communications, was the day’s facilitator. Kondowe has written a book titled ‘Mirkone’s way of managing the Manager’s Office’, which she has introduced in the SADC region as she facilitates workshops for PAs.

She is passionate about the profession and trains, mentors, counsels and motivates secretaries.

Kondowe delivered on the career path and talked about the pyramid, thus from the bottom level to level 5. These, she said, are receptionist, typist, level 1 Secretary, Executive Secretary, to Personal Assistant. She detailed what these jobs entail.

She gave a very enlightening deliverance that encourages hard work, and a clear and concise self development plan to get to the top of the career.

Kondowe said that “if you have a spine called determination, an engine called perseverance and insurance called confidence, you are a Star and a driver called success!”

Motivational guest speaker, Lets Sithole of Agenda 31, said one should love and be proud of their job and desist from saying “I am just a Secretary” and instead say, “I am the Secretary” as he emphasised the importance of self empowerment, the importance of reading and learning at all times and urged people to be conversant with what is happening around their workplace and the environment as a whole.

Thulani Manana of Woolworths gave professional advice on ‘What to Wear’ and there was a fashion display.
He advised on the need to dress appropriately for the goodness of the corporate image and protecting one’s health.

Manana also mentioned the future impact on ones health, after following bad taste in high fashion.

All attendees were given a treat and offered free individual fashion advice.
The Oseg Group, Watermark Investment, Pepper Corn Caterers, Petals and Parcels, Woolworths, Agenda 33, Career Diversity and Pee’s Collection sponsored the event.


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