Tuesday, March 5, 2024

SEDC councilors want cozy venue to hold meeting

With the smallness of its chambers hampering compliance with Covid-19 social distancing protocols, the South-East District Council (SEDC) struggles to find a suitable venue to hold a full council meeting.

The situation has apparently put the people’s representatives at loggerheads with the administrators over a suitable venue.

It is understood that some councilors want the full council meeting to be held in one of the lodges in Gaborone with adequate comfort.   

Some councilors who opted for anonymity claimed that they wanted to be treated with the similar comfort accorded Members of Parliament who held their last meeting at Boipouso Hall in Gaborone in April.

“We do not want a hall that has no air conditioning” they said.

Council chairperson Oshima Peloewetse confirmed to this publication that the SEDC is on venue search mission as a full council meeting is scheduled to be held on the 27th to 30th of this month

“It is true that my council at the moment is looking for a venue where we can hold our full council meeting “.

He explains that due to COVID 19 protocols the current council chamber is unable to hold such a meeting because of social distancing.

He said as the chairperson of the council and leader he has proposed to the council to hire a certain hall in Ramotswa which can accommodate at least 150 people.

“Th Emmanuel Hall testing centre is spacious and reasonable in terms of cost”.

He said he even took the council secretary to have a clear view about the hall.

He further said councilors should temporally forgot about the comfort zone that they used to enjoy at the usual council chamber but because of COVID 19 they have to learn the new normal.

He strongly dismissed allegations that the council meeting might not convene because of a suitable venue.

“That is not true and I am optimistic that the council will find a venue mostly in Ramotswa as the council has limited funds to go elsewhere”.

Meanwhile Peloewetse has revealed that his council has paid over P4 million in overtime to social workers who were on duty during the lock down and those claims have been paid.

He stated that people should not look at the amount paid rather the sacrifice that portrayed.

“Councilors will be briefed during the full council meeting about the COVID19 relief food basket and I am not sure whether or not they will be willing to discuss the matter”.


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