Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sedimo drums up support for Sankuyo Bush Bucks

Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) Chief Executive Officer Falcon Sedimo has urged Ngamiland residents to support Sankuyo Bush Bucks and make it a community project so that it may reach greater heights.

Addressing the North West District Council recently, Sedimo said as a newcomer and the first ever team from the North West District to make way into the premier league, the local team has not only shown keenness but has performed extremely well in the past, and in the process defeating some of the country’s highly experienced teams . He said this therefore was a true indication that its players can do even better, given the inspiration and support they so desperately need.

Speaking at the same meeting, councilor Mpoke Karapo of Tubu/Gumare North pointed out that the district has produced some of the finest athletes in the country such as Amantle Montsho,Karabo Sibanda, Yatea Kambepera and Gable Garenamotse to mention but a few, he appealed to government to bring facilities to the district to help nurture its talent.

“We would very much appreciate, should you avail mini recreational facilities to areas surrounding Gumare and Shakawe particularly so that talent may be developed at an early age. Most of the country’s professional athletes and footballers come from these areas. However their talent continues to go unnoticed because we don’t have the means to advance their abilities. As it stands now, we are in dire need of any form of assistance and these young men and women might end up being demoralized” he said. While he commended government for having established Maun Sports Complex, Karapo said the facility still remains underutilized because of the vastness of the district, and for the fact that some places are not accessible even by road. Councillors also suggested that since it has emerged that Sankuyo Bush Bucks is a crowd puller, considering the many people who throng the stadium whenever the team plays, alternative gates should be opened to avoid probable stampede.

In response, Sedimo said councils should participate in sports activities by establishing district sports committees and creating a budget for sports activities.  He further asked councilors should work alongside the Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture to help widen basic community sport structures and recreational facilities. He advised that where possible, councilors should partner with business entities in the area for sport development as well as to spearhead advocacy and motivation for local business participation. “You need to participate in funding and management of sports disciplines in your area. You need to be seen to be assisting government where it lacks as it is of good importance that all teams other sports activities are sustained going forward. Yes we understand the challenges you face as a district, but let’s work in partnership for the benefit of us all as well as our future sports icons.” he said.


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