Monday, July 4, 2022

Seeff Properties introduces interactive property search engine

Buying and selling property in Botswana may soon be a mouse click away.

Seeff Properties has unveiled an interactive property search website they claim puts them ahead of their competitors.

The website developer, Zoran Nikolic of MINDQ, said his company has used the best international software, which he would not name, to develop the site. 

?Nikolic said in future the site will be a responsive one, allowing clients to retrieve information on property from their iphones or via sms. Clients would subscribe to RSS feeds and receive SMS notifications of available property.

“Seeff will be able to fully manage the site. It has an interactive property search engine,” he said, adding that the website was not designed outside Botswana but by citizens.?

┬á┬á“The idea is to have a conversation with our clients. We are planning to enter the world of Twitter and Facebook social networks. Our experience is that there are Batswana who are abroad but want to buy property in Botswana” said Kim Bekker Director at Seeff Property.

In one feature, users can highlight features that enable them to select property type sought by location and whether they want a residential, commercial or an agricultural one. The site also allows users to choose whether they want to buy or sell.

The website is Google map enabled and easy to navigate to allow prospective buyers to familiarize themselves with the location of the property says Nikolic.

“People are interested in knowing the area surrounding where the property they are buying. You may find that there is a panel beater in front of your house and then you get second thoughts about buying it,” he said.

The website allows prospective residential buyers to go on a virtual tour of a house of their choice. Some of the features include the normal Frequently Asked Questions, a section that introduces visitors to Gaborone, Botswana and Seeff.

The company’s Property Valuation and Investment general Manager, Baalakani Nlumbile, scoffed at suggestions that valuers and property sellers hike prices.

“These are misconceptions. We are not market makers. We do our own market research and follow the principle of willing buyer willing seller,” he said.


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