Friday, January 22, 2021

Seeking Ms jazzy belle, under 40s need not reply

Miss Millennium Jazz Restaurant billed for 14th February.

Beautiful women of 40 years of age and over, who have always yearned for an opportunity to flaunt their jazz dancing skills and knowledge of jazz trivia, have the chance of doing so at the Millennium Jazz Restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Millennium Jazz Restaurant owner, Shima Monageng, says patrons have repeatedly requested for a pageant since the Millennium first opened its doors. He declared that the Restaurant will certainly indulge their punters on the day lovers bookmark for lavishing each other with roses. “We will have a dinner and the entry fee will be waived, to thank our patrons for digging into their pockets and attending our New Years Eve concert of local jazz artists in large numbers,” says Monageng. “The Ms Millennium Jazz Restaurant pageant is among activities featured on this night.”

The first requirement that must be met is that the entrant be over forty years of age. Monageng says this is because Millennium’s clientele are predominantly the over 40s and there are no pageants that cater to mature beauty queens. The competitors must also have considerable skill in jazz dancing for the talent competition. The Q and A session will comprise of questions relating to jazz.

“The competitors are not required to bare flesh, like their younger counterparts,” Monageng says, “they can wear anything that they feel comfortable in that’s presentable; its entirely up to them.”

Prizes are yet to be announced.

Ms Millennium Jazz Restaurant is among the many fun activities planned this year. Monageng is also intent on turning the restaurant into a daytime leisure hub for jazz lovers and their young ones, adding facilities that will appeal to the young.

Thirteen aspiring Ms Millennium Jazz have registered for the pageant and Monageng is inviting more to call Millennium Jazz Restaurant’s Supervisor to register.


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