Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Selogetso misses out on national team selections

One of the country’s best netball stars, Boikanyo Selogetso, looks set to miss out on making the senior national team for the Africa region World Netball Cup qualifiers.

This comes as the former youth player missed out on playing in the mini league earlier in the season due to the ongoing matter of alleged assault involving her and coach Sthulile Mlotshwa.

It is alleged the duo had some confrontation during national team duty in Namibia last year. The confrontation is alleged to have ended with Mlotshwa assaulting the player, an allegation the coach is said to be denying.

Following the Namibia fallout, the star allegedly reported the matter to her club, UB Crystals, who then made a formal complaint to the Botswana Netball Association (BONA) for intervention.

Due to the investigation into the matter dragging longer than expected, Selogetso has missed out on playing the mini league. As the games were used to select national team, she missed out on selection.

With UB Crystals not taking part in the mini league, Selogetso is said to have sought to join BDF Cats but her attempts were futile as UB Crystals could not release her before her matter was resolved.

Asked to comment on the matter of Selogetso, BONA Public Relations Officer (PRO) Mokeresete Mokeresete said the association executive was not at liberty to do such as the matter is now out of its hands.

“We take the allegations of assault very seriously, hence we forwarded it to the relevant structures within BONA to deal with them. The matter is beyond us at the moment and we cannot comment until a decision has been taken,” the BONA PRO explained.

On why the matter has been dragging though it has happened almost eight months ago, Mokeresete said matters of such a nature are very delicate and therefore need time to be resolved.

“Remember this matter involves a national team player and national team coach. We have to tread carefully as the allegations can have ramifications for both. As for when the matter will be resolved, only the BONA DC can answer. We as BONA cannot interfere and tell them to hasten the process,” he explained.

The BONA PRO said the association executive has confidence on its DC to do a good job on the matter, hence they feel no need to interfere. “The DC is made up of legal people with better knowledge of the law than we do. We believe they know what they are doing and we are confident they will resolve this matter,” he said.

On whether Selogetso was not selected due to the ongoing matter, Mokeresete said that could not be the case. While acknowledging that the player is an exceptional talent, he said she missed out as she did not play during the mini league.

“As BONA executive, we do not interfere with national team selections. It is the duty of the technical team. What I know is that the current selections were influenced by performances during the mini league.”

“Unfortunately, Selogetso did not play during the mini league as her team UB Crystals did not compete in the tournament. That said, the national team cannot be selected based on reputation and past performances, hence she missed out,” he explained.


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