Friday, January 28, 2022

Serbian Community raises funds for flood victims back home

Mother Nature is not happy. The world is in a state of flux, so she is turning to tricks; imagine the irony of Botswana, a country that is in dire need of water, raising funds for a country that is drowning in floods. Danga Dave’s words could not have been more appropriate in aptly describing the opposite predicaments the two countries, Botswana and Serbia, find themselves in.

Dave was one of the performers at a fundraising Family Fun Day organised by the local Serbian community at Northside Primary School on Saturday.

“The climate is changing and we need to change as well. We are not just trying to save the world; we are trying to protect our habitat.” Ilse Swart, who also lent her support at the event, said it was time to be compassionate and support each other. Swart happens to be a water conservationist.

The event, attended by a cosmopolitan mix of nationalities living in Botswana, boasted various activities that included a live band, dance competition and a mini (impromptu) pageant.

The kids were also catered for with jumping castles, gift packs filled with goodies and other fun stuff. And what would a family fun day be without the food and drinks? The public got to indulge in various local and Serbian delicacies as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

One of the volunteers, Jelena Djokic was impressed with the turnout. “It has been good considering there are other activities taking place around the city,” She said. The main thing was to raise money for the flood victims and create awareness about the crisis situation in Serbia, and I believe we have achieved that to certain extent.”

To help the public appreciate the dire situation the Serbians in Serbia have found themselves in, there was also a screening of a poignant documentary showing the extent of damage caused by the floods. A statement from the Serbian community read, “Rivers in Serbia have risen to levels not recorded in history. Almost half of the country is affected. Sava river is expected to peak on Wednesday, 21 May. Whole communities are evacuated, entire towns and villages are displaced, people are in dire need of purified water, food, medicine, shelter and HELP! Let us all get together and show our support to people in need. We are Serbian Society in Botswana, non-profit society that is gathering Botswana residents of Serbian origin. Looking at scale of carnage and destruction caused by nature in our Serbia, we are calling onto all people of compassion and good will to contribute to relief effort in Serbia by donating even a small amount towards this noble endeavour. Any donation will be highly appreciated. The account for donations is ( Serbian Society in Botswana, First National Bank Botswana Account no: 62379503115, Branch: 281667(industrial) ).

Raised funds will be sent to relief agencies in Serbia.


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