Sunday, May 29, 2022

Serojane: pioneering the way into local Christian Djaing

With the increasing number of pastors who perform miracles using water that they sell to their congregation—pastors who hate weaves and shun a lot of people’s physical appearances or preferences, to the increasing number of skeptics on the Christian religion, there is also an increasing number of pastors and priests who strive to reach the hearts of a lot of us using unbeliever friendly methods.

And amongst their congregation are those who take their church leaders’ example by doing their discipleship through the same method.

Amongst such is Riley “Dj Riley” Serojane, a Christian Hip Hop Dj and producer who is also a radio DJ on Yarona FM, an ambassador of Amanh116 clothing label and Kingville Recreational Parks.
In an interview with Sunday Standard recently, Dj Riley said that he decided to venture into Christian Djaying in 2012.

“I started Djaying in junior high school but I started professional Gospel Djaying in 2012,” he said.

Dj Riley said that he has also gotten his teeth in production duties like recording, beat making and mastering, which is something he says he started in the same year of 2012.

Asked how he hoped to overcome the obstacles, like a smaller audience, the making of smaller amounts of money compared to main stream Djs as well as being shunned by the world in general, that obviously come with such a venture, he said that he has always had a great love for music so adding God to the equation leads to life. He added that the life he lived before and the life he leads now are a testimony of why he is doing it all.

“When I got saved, I truly wanted to get people, mostly young people, to salvation and the best way was through my God-given talent. It was never about the money because I would have done any other genre of music. It all goes with the passion and the love I have for what I do every day. I have had thousands of doors closed in my face because Gospel Djaying is something new to this country, but in the midst of all that I knew God had a prophesy to fulfill through me. God has always been my driver and if He is in control, who can be against me? The major influence of why I do this comes mainly from other Gospel Djays like Dj Fresh in Kenya, Dj PDOGG, Dj Official and Dj Exclusive in the US.

On how he tackles the obstacles now that he is in the game he said, “Believe it or not, His Grace is sufficient and once I started depending on Him things have been easier. Honestly, I have learned to let Him lead.”

Talking about his recently released album he said it is titled Misfits Boom Box Africa, a compilation Mixtape of African Gospel Rap Music. The main objective of the album is to bring together Christian Hip Hop artists from all over Africa into one mixtape, he said.

On how he markets the project, the youthful Dj said that his being on radio has played a major role in his outreach as well as his working in a gospel music distributor (Cross Gold Music). He also credited social media as a helper in his reaching out to Africa and the world at large.

Customary to the Hip Hop game, Dj Riley took time to thank his management team which he said was headed by Neo Moseki, Tsogo Keoreke and Sandy Baikatlhodi.

“Not forgetting the man behind all the graphic design from the first MBA, Mogolodi Nagafela. I have also worked with a local producer known as Obylardo Beatz on 24 artists from 8 countries and 30 songs in the 1st Volume to working with him with 44 artists from 6 different countries and 38 songs in the 2nd installment.”


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