Friday, July 1, 2022

Sethibe could be ejected at next BFA meeting

When the Botswana Football Association (BFA)’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meets soon to discuss the future of its technical director, Sonnyboy Sethibe, they are unlikely to renew his contract.

Sethibe’s contract at the football governing body ends in June. He joined the BFA almost three years ago after a stint with world governing body FIFA. He came into the office under the presidency of David Fani but the new leadership has found it difficult to work with him.

According to information obtained by Sunday Standard the NEC will let him go because they consider him a destructive force. Sethibe’s working relationship with Ernest Nthobelang, the Vice President Technical, has soured to the point where the two are not talking to each other. The BFA top brass are understood to be unhappy with his lack of respect for the leadership.

Sethibe’s relationship with Nthobelang broke down following a decision by the BFA leadership to relieve Under-17 manager, Rapelang Tsatsilebe, of his duties. However, Sethibe’s relationship with colleagues in the technical department is similarly frosty, affecting the day-to-day running of the BFA.

“Our technical department does not have a good working relationship with CAF and FIFA and this has affected courses provided by them,” said a senior BFA official. “If this thing is not sorted out, Botswana football is likely to suffer further.”
Sethibe, who was in Selibe-Phikwe at the time of going to press, could not be reached for comment.

However, Nthobelang was himself cagey in providing details on the future of Sethibe. He claimed that they have not discussed what would happen once his contract has expired.

Nthobelang added that they are likely to touch on the issue at their next executive committee meeting.

“What I can confirm to you is that I never get updates from the technical department unless I’m the one who is asking. Under normal circumstances the technical director is supposed to keep me in the loop on what is happening at the association (on a weekly basis),” said Nthobelang.

He was quick to deny claims that he is fighting with Sethibe.

“I can’t say that I’m fighting with him because he is an employee of BFA,” pointed out Nthobelang.

There is talk that already BFA executive is searching for the man who will replace Sethibe. It is unclear whether the new man will be a local or a foreigner.

“BFA president (Tebogo Sebego) has made it clear that he wants to work with people who share the common goal. It remains to be seen who is their target but surely that candidate should be able to drive the new leadership’s vision. There are a number of local people who deserve that post and don’t be surprised if they offer the position to the current senior national team coach (Stanley Tshosane). But let’s wait and see,” said the source.

In other developments, Nthobelang has hinted that they are likely to announce changes in all the national teams’ technical departments. BFA has been reviewing the technical departments and it is reported that they have made final adjustments. One of the changes, which is likely to attract the interest of the nation, is the one at the senior national team.

“These changes are made in order to improve the situations in our national teams,” emphasized Nthobelang.


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