Saturday, December 3, 2022

Shadreck Makobye’s widow speaks out

Following the death of her husband who went missing in Mochudi recently, Mmoni Makobye says she suffered the worst humiliation ever during her husband’s funeral.

In an interview with Sunday Standard almost a month after the burial of her husband, Mmoni (31), a degree holder in Social Work and employed by the Kgatleng District Council with two kids aged 5 and 2, said, “I suffered the worst humiliation during my husband’s funeral.”

She explained further: “I am accused by both my in-laws and the public of killing my husband. It is a blue lie,” she said. “I challenge anyone who has information about the role that I played regarding either his disappearance or death to inform the police.”

She recalled that during the packed night virgil, a certain pastor whose name she declined to reveal, discredited her, accusing her of knowing what exactly had happened to her husband.
Mmoni says this hurt her a great deal but she managed to hold on in spite of the pain she was being subjected to.

During the funeral the next day, she says, some of the speakers further humiliated her dignity, accusing her of all sorts of things and hearing some of the accusations for the first time that day.
“The truth shall one day prevail and set me free from all these heart breaking allegations,” she said.

Mmoni continued: “The deceased’s brother openly told the public during the funeral that he will reward anyone with money who can tip him off on what killed his brother. As the wife of the deceased, he could have had the courtesy to inform me about his plans; but he never did,” she said. “I put my head on the block, I did not kill my husband, neither did I plot his death. I am patiently waiting for the post mortem report, which will reveal the cause of his death,” she said.
Mmoni said the only explanation that she had to make was to her two kids who really needed to know what happened to their father.

“My kids suffered a lot and I will protect them from those falsely accusing me,” she said, adding that, “His death made me discover my writing skills that I did not know before, therefore, I will write a biography about him and what I learned during his disappearance as well as the funeral.”
She said she does not have any bad feelings towards her in-laws.

As for the police investigators, Mmoni said, “They treated me well and they have all my statements.”

Asked about her detention by the Directorate of Intelligence and Security, she replied that, “I am not ready to speak out about that.”

Mmoni said most of the support that she got was from her biological parents who gave her strength from the day Shadreck Makobye went missing to the last day he was laid to rest.
Mochudi police said the post mortem report will be released sometime this week.


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