Monday, June 5, 2023

Shedding light on the growing ‘Straight Baiting’ phenomenon

Straight baiting has become a reality for many people on the streets of Gaborone. It is defined by the urban dictionary as, “A heterosexual that is seduced by a homosexual of the same sex into having sexual relations with them.”

Imagine a successful middle aged man sitting quite high on the corporate ladder for sport. He preys on ambitious young men who would do almost anything or anyone to get to the top. These young men are not homosexuals, but are not willing to let enticing opportunities pass them because of a few minor unconventional encounters. Another scenario, a young, impressionable na├»ve and gullible boy barely out of his teens being enticed by flashy cars, club scenes and the city’s hotspots all for a little nookie for a personality who hasn’t yet officially left the closet.

They have been coined as, ‘Men who have sex with Men’ and this is a growing trend within the streets of Gaborone. They are not homosexuals but choose to have sex with men for a variety of reasons including gifts, cash promotions at work or even just to be associated with a certain clique of people.

Back in the days, things were so much easier for women as the only competition they had was with other women. This made the battlefield fair and even. Now with the era of multi sexual tendencies like homosexuality and bisexuality, statements such as “I think my boyfriend is cheating on me with another man,” are not quite as shocking and unexpected as they used to be a few decades ago.

“There is nothing wrong with stringing him along as long as you achieve what you want in the end, I am not going to go all the way, I mean I am not gay or anything so if flirting with Mr X a little, giving him hope that he may one day have his way with me, I see no wrong,” were the sentiments of a gentleman preferred to remain anonymous.

Although this is a bit of a lifestyle conundrum for the wives and girlfriends left at home, it is not quite rife with the ladies, but, hey, anything is possible these days considering the direction our once conservative society is headed.


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