Monday, December 11, 2023

Sheillah poses questions ancestors at the crossroads

Local DJ and producing talent from Maitengwe, Princewill Chipaladza whose stage name is Prince De Kok has set a lofty tone in the music industry with his latest offering, which has got peoples tongues wagging and heads nodding to his master piece titled Ke Le Nosi featuring upcoming talent Sheillah Molelekwa on the vocals.

Prince De Kok pointed out that: “My intention is to create an EP whereby I can perform a live set on stage in the company of a live band and various artists doing vocals.”

The master piece, which is an Afro Lounge song, is fused with a feel of afrocentric vibe which can be heard by the drums and a modest touch of hip hop along with a mature ambiance of jazz.

The theme of the song will appeal and motivate both the young and older generation with its intellectuality.

Ke Le Nosi strikes home the message that there are no tangible set standards on how to live life, as well as how to become successful, as there will always be obstacles that will discourage you regardless of being a prayer, a believer in charms or simply being a non-believer.

Prince De Kok says: “Life will discourage you sometimes, but dust yourself up, never give up so that you can rise again against all odds.”

Sheillah’s lyrics take the listener into a sinister world whereby one is at a breaking point and seeking for salvation. She questions why no one cautioned her about life’s challenges, which in turn give her the impression that there is no hope in this world.

As the song progresses, she questions those that came before her (ancestors) on why they did not leave a manuscript of how to survive in this seamlessly harsh world. Sheillah notes that: “My lyrics also question why there is a continuation of hopelessness from generation to generation and if the ancestors hope I will find answers on their behalf and myself.”

Prince De Kok emphasises that: “Truly the response is overwhelming and I am really humbled as it shows that I have put together a timeless song.” Besides Sheillah, Prince De Kok joined forces with Thogamo Ramatlhele (Tribal Tiido) on production, Dtroy John on the keys, Mduduzi Khumalo from South Africa on the saxophone to name a few on the six minute track.

The hit is also on the process of being released by international record labels that cannot be disclosed as for now. At the moment Ke Le Nosi’ is exclusively enjoying air play on Gabz FM and Duma FM, and is at the summit of Mascom Top 5 at 1 on Conversations with Mimi on Gabz FM. The full EP is anticipated to drop early 2018 as other logistics are being taken into consideration, while the video of Ke Le Nosi will be released early August 2017.


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