Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Shoshong Senior Secondary School resumes classes after covid scare

Shoshong Senior Secondary School has recommenced classes following a 4-day hiatus as a result of high Covid-19 infections.

School reopened gates yesterday (28 June) after being temporarily closed down last week Tuesday.

The school registered over 170 infections among the students within two weeks.

The school headmaster Batshidi Tsae said students were tested upon return.

141 students who tested positive last week were tested on Sunday and from the tests, 100 tested negative while 41 tested positive.

He said in the lead up to the suspension of classes last week, it had proven that infections were high among form 4 students.

“We have since been given PPEs by the Mahalapye DMHT and on top of that, they have provided us with a full-time nurse who will be our caretaker” 

“By the time we detected this virus, we then sent out our students to Mahalapye hospital for 9 days for isolation, only to find out that the infection was increasing” said Tsae.

Tsae also dismissed reports that students have been deliberately spreading the virus.

“We are saddened by unfounded reports peddled by some irresponsible that these cases should be blamed on students, in fact we have never had any issue of indiscipline within our school premises”

“What happened is that at the beginning of this month, we started testing students after noting that a few number of them had complaints about their health” said Tsae.

He further highlighted that upon from realizing a surge in infections, a decision was taken to temporarily close the school until Monday subject to medical advice. 

“We conducted mass testing on the 17th of June and that is when we realized that we needed to move fast in arresting the situation, and I must thank DMHT Mahalapye for working tirelessly to ensure that the situation does not to go beyond what we have right now”

“DMHT has since given us some personal protective clothing and on top of that they have delegated a nurse to work closely with us for at least 3 hours a day” added Tsae.

Shoshong Senior School has 158 staff compliment and 942 students. 


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