Thursday, October 28, 2021

Side-lined Tsatsilebe shocked by BFA’s decision

Former national Under-17 manager, Rapelang ‘Raizor’ Tsatsilebe, says the decision by the Botswana Football Association (BFA) to remove him from his post is shocking. Tsatsilebe was sent packing a fortnight ago and replaced by Ramocha Tsiang. His removal means that he would remain home when the Diamond Zebras take part in the African Youth Championships to be held in Morocco in two months.

However,Tsatsilebe says the mother-body has not communicated the matter to him.

“It is going to be difficult to talk you about the issue because I’m in the dark. I expected the BFA to call me because I’ve been working for them and I want to believe that I’ve done enough,” Tsatsilebe said.

Sources close to the developments said Tsatsilebe was ejected because he was not performing his roles to the satisfaction of his employers. It is alleged that some of the players were complaining that Tsatsilebe was not giving them their daily allowances. “He used some of the money which was meant for the players on his personal stuff. Some of the players told the BFA leadership that when they enquired about their money, they were threatened that they will be omitted from the team which is heading to Morocco,” one source said.

“The other reason which forced us to replace him is that he has a case before the courts and what if his case takes place when the team is in supposed to travel.”

The decision to have Tsatsilebe out of the team has not gone down well with the technical team of the Diamond Zebras. Sources say that BFA erred by making changes at a time when the team is preparing for a bigger tournament.

“The coach (Kaizer Kobedi) is totally unhappy. After you guys (media) reported that Kaizer is not happy, he was summoned to BFA where riot act was read for him,” added another source.

Tsatsilebe pointed out that he did not expect to be Diamond Zebras’ manager permanently but wanted the association to be professional in the manner in which they let him go.

“I may not be under any contract but BFA should have informed me properly before the issue goes to the media. I have served my time and I should hand to the next manager properly. What if I stay home and the new man does not know where to get the players for camp,” said a disappointed Tsatsilebe.

He dismissed allegations that he used the players’ money for his own things.

“Whoever said that is misleading you. People must gather their facts right. If there was such a problem, why didn’t they (BFA) call me for a hearing? It goes to show that there is nothing true about that. People must not drag my name in the mud,” he said.

While BFA maintain that they are not forced to call Tsatsilebe to their offices because he is under no contract, BFA acting chief operations officer Ernest Nthobelang pointed out that an official letter has been written and will be handed to him this week. “There was a delay from our side but he will be given the letter,” said Nthobelang.


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