Monday, December 5, 2022

Skin epidemic rocks BDF – Pandamatenga farms, Kasane

More than 500 of the 592 Botswana Defence Force recruits in Pandamatenga training camp and an undisclosed number of officer cadets are currently undergoing medical treatment following a mysterious outbreak of a skin disease epidemic.

A team of BDF public health specialists were on January 6th dispatched to Paje to try and contain the epidemic known by the medical term Contact Dermatitis.

The irritant contact dermatitis, which is the most common type of contact dermatitis, happens when the skin comes in contact with a toxic material. 

Sources inside BDF training at the camp had to be suspended for five days as the health specialists sanitized the camp and tried to identify the cause of the outbreak. 

BDP Spokesperson, Colonel Tebo Dikole confirmed the outbreak but explained that it was not localized only at the BDF training camp but has affected the whole village and even the Pandamatenga farms.

Dikole further explained that the outbreak has also been reported in Kasane. At the time of going to press the cause of the outbreak had not been identified. Dikole however said the BDF recruits were back at training.


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