Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sky ‘Express yourself Tour’ Ends

SKY, a sisterhood of teenage girls from across Botswana who have pledged to stay true to themselves and take the SKY pledge that encourages defining their choices in life ended their country tour on Friday at Gaborone Bus rank. The last round managed to attract many teenagers who came to enjoy themselves in an acceptable manner.

In an interview with Lifestyle, SKY spokesperson Lorato Tebogo mentioned that SKY which goes by the slogan Shapo ka Yone, Sure ka Yone is a pledge about positively influencing the girl child so that they are in a position to take a stand against things they are not comfortable with.

Tebogo explained that teenagers are faced with many challenges that may ruin their lives forever if the right decision is not taken and that is why SKY family comes in as they help the girl child avoid those negative peer pressures that are not good for them.

“By empowering the girl child, the girl child will be able to empower other girls and boys out there and the world can be a better place for everyone,” she said.

She mentioned that the tour around the country was done mainly to rich out to young people around the country. She added that the tour’s main intention was to bring fun and show the youth that they can still enjoy themselves without indulging in dangerous things like smoking, drinking alcohol and mostly having sex at a young age.

“The activities of the day were fashion shows, talent shows and other fun things that the youth like doing, like the tour slogan, we wanted SKY girls to express themselves and realise that they have the potential to be the best they can be,” she said.

Tebogo continued that they managed to reach out to teenage girls living in Francistown, Phikwe, Serowe, Palapye, Mahalapye and Gaborone. “The turnout in all these places where more than what we expected, it seems word has finally reached these places and more and more teenage girls want to take the SKY pledge of not being involved in dangerous acts that are harmful to their future and body,” she said.

The tour featured performances and appearances by some local personalities known as Friends Of SKY, including the likes of hip hop musician Euri, Sadi of Flava Dome fame, Khumo Kgwaadira from RB2, DJ Anthem, Melo from BTV, DJ Kells, and Elte. “We also had acts by SKY Guys and the SKY Girls themselves showcasing different talents. They were also giveaways of the new SKY magazine and latest SKY Tees,” she said.

Tebogo continued that every girl in Botswana can be a SKY girl as long as they are between the ages of 13-19 and they will be expected to take a SKY pledge.


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