Sunday, May 22, 2022

Skye and Iris Manor is more than a place to stay

As I stepped into their bathtub, I was a tad bit iffy about the inconsistency of the floor of the tub and I held on to the shiny steel handle bars. It’s only after lying down in the tub that one gets to appreciate the design that elevates your legs creating a comfortable arch in your back with a soft pad to rest your head on, now that is one relaxing bath tub.

Lying in that tub made me question my decision to sleep on the bed of the newly opened Skye and Iris Manor, in as much as the bed was one of those posture-paedic super comfortable beds, I had never experienced a bathtub like that.

The Skye and Iris Manor is probably not the easiest of places to find a situation that co owner Julia explains will soon be fixed once they are fully operational with all the signs and boards they intend on putting up. Upon arrival, our host Julia ushers us to the lobby going through a perfectly manicured lawn with an immaculate finish.

The lobby itself is sparsely furnished, another detail to which the explanation is that it will be complete within the next couple of weeks when they are open to the public.

Of all the mushrooming lodges and inns in and around Gaborone, why the Skye and Iris Manor? For one I would be lured by the unique and exquisite name but the homely intimate serenity screams home away from home. There is no calamity which comes with the larger franchises which have large bars, restaurants and casinos, large crowds and a large number of staff.

When explaining the concept and target Julia explains that they aiming to go corporate, and in most instances, would like to benefit from investors coming, especially the relocation of the Diamond Trading Centre in and out of Botswana looking for long term contracts with them. Skye and Iris Manor is currently comprised of 4 amazing suites, an inside and garden dining area, a lounging area and a swimming pool.

There is a house located right next to Iris Manor, of which I was wondering if their neighbour was copying their style, like a mind reader, Julia explained that it was an extension through which they will increase their suites from four to ten.

Julia co founded the place with her fianc├®e Aba Mosime, stating that upon finishing her tertiary she did not find any fulfillment in being employed. Instead Julia took matters into her own hands and employed 8 young Batswana in the process.

The Skye and Iris Manor provides 24 hour help from the alternating house keepers, a chef, 24 hour security and a chauffeur service for all their guests.

After a light snack and a hearty chat with lots of laughter we retired to bed, the suites have a dressing area, spacious bedrooms with large beautiful closets with a somewhat a Victorian touch. Julia proudly indicates that she did not engage an interior designer. It is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art television with a high definition Dstv decoder with the full hotel bouquet.

Then there is the bathroom which brings me back to the bathtub, the tub I should have slept in for I do not think I will ever find a tub like that ever again.

I was greeted with a full English breakfast on the terrace, compliments to the chef, from that one night experience I almost went back there instead of going back to my own house the next day after work.


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